Oleo Saccharum/Gin Punch

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Reading David Wondrich’s Punch really opened my eyes to the wonders of oleo saccharum. It happened to most of us, I think! Anyway, as I detailed in this post, it’s so much easier with a vacuum sealer. So in this little video collaboration between The Bar Book and Tanqueray, I show you how it works, | Read More

How to Make Oleo Saccharum

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I learned about oleo saccharum the same way most of us did: from David Wondrich’s fantastic book Punch: The Delights (and Dangers) of the Flowing Bowl. But after so many years of making the stuff every morning for the bar, I had to find a simpler way to make it. Mission accomplished.

Vacuum Seal Oleo Saccharum

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I’ve said this before: I’m a lazy guy, and yet I’m a perfectionist. I want my cocktails perfectly-prepared, but I’d really rather not work too hard. With that in mind, I present my latest in perfectly-prepared cocktail ingredients for slackers like you. A couple of years ago, like so many other bartenders around the world, | Read More

Summer School

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Ace Warm-weather cocktails with expert tricks and techniques from bartender and author Jeffrey Morgenthaler. During the nearly 20 years that I’ve worked as a bartender, I’ve learned that there are three essential aspects of making a great cocktail: the recipe you follow, the ingredients you select, and the technique you use. Come up short in | Read More