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The 7 Best Cookbooks for Learning Kitchen Technique

by Joe Ray in Wired Magazine

As someone who embraces the nerdier, more esoteric side of making cocktails, renowned barman Jeffrey Morgenthaler is no stranger to WIRED. His The Bar Book is my go-to for simpler reasons: it’s practical and I learn when I use it. The back cover gives a great sense of what you’re in for as the three biggest words on it | Read More

Sours That Walk the Line

by Rebekah Peppler in The New York Times

… “Even sans sugared rim, sours can still lean sweet. The amaretto sour, a 1970s-era drink, has been long — and often correctly — lampooned as particularly cloying. But learning to make a proper one is a game changer. The key lies in fresh ingredients and a modern mind-set. Jeffrey Morgenthaler, the bar manager at | Read More