From time to time, I will get a call from a publication asking me to speak about bartending and cocktails. While it may seem that I just love to see my name in print (well, sure), I also enjoy being given the opportunity to spread the word about craft bartending and the growing movement that is taking place behind bars around the world. (Take note: some of the links below have changed, retired or otherwise been wiped from the internet.)

Mixing Memories – A Chat with Jeffrey Morgenthaler

by in Taylor Stitch Blog

Our travels and myriad adventures have found us crossing paths with some pretty incredible people, from artists to innovators to folks like Jeffrey Morgenthaler, who is decidedly both. Interior architect turned mixologist extraordinaire, Jeffrey has been making waves in the bartending world for years, and earning himself countless accolades and awards along the way. Beyond all | Read More

The 7 Best Cookbooks for Learning Kitchen Technique

by Joe Ray in Wired Magazine

As someone who embraces the nerdier, more esoteric side of making cocktails, renowned barman Jeffrey Morgenthaler is no stranger to WIRED. His The Bar Book is my go-to for simpler reasons: it’s practical and I learn when I use it. The back cover gives a great sense of what you’re in for as the three biggest words on it | Read More

Sours That Walk the Line

by Rebekah Peppler in The New York Times

… “Even sans sugared rim, sours can still lean sweet. The amaretto sour, a 1970s-era drink, has been long — and often correctly — lampooned as particularly cloying. But learning to make a proper one is a game changer. The key lies in fresh ingredients and a modern mind-set. Jeffrey Morgenthaler, the bar manager at | Read More

My Cherry Amour: The Perfect Cocktail Companion

by Alice Lascelles in Financial Times

Making your own cherries is not as easy as it sounds – they can be surprisingly stubborn about taking up the juice. One of my favourite bartender-drinks writers, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, recommends starting with a jar of Italian maraschino cherries, draining them of their syrup and then rebottling them with a mix of cognac, amaretto and maraschino | Read More

15 Of The Best Gins To Always Have On Hand

by Karla Alindahao in Forbes

I was not a big gin drinker back in my early 20s. Far from it, actually. In my mind it was whiskey or nothing at all. (Save for water.) But I soon came around, thanks to an ex’s extraordinary force of a grandmother, who taught me how to luxuriate and thoroughly enjoy a G&T. And the | Read More

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5 Portland Bartenders Capture the Autumnal Spirit in a Glass

by Katherine Chew Hamilton in Portland Monthly

Bye, pumpkin spice. Hello, turmeric, Oregon pears & fig jam. Jeffrey Morgenthaler  “Summer flavors are about celebrating one or two key ingredients,” says Jeffrey Morgenthaler. “I feel like fall flavors are about piling on flavor on top of flavor on top of flavor.” Morgenthaler would know. The bar manager at downtown’s Clyde Common and formerly | Read More

What It’s Like to Be Behind the Stick Right Now

by Gabriella Mlynarczyk in

Let’s face it: The question on everyone’s mind is: When can we get back to normal? And the answer for most of the bar industry is that normal no longer exists and probably won’t for a long time to come. As I write this, we’re hitting seven months of living in the “Upside Down,” where | Read More

Your Home Bar Needs a Smoke Gun, an Immersion Circulator, and…Milk?

by Adrienne Donica in Popular Mechanics

Upgrade your cocktails with these impressive gadgets and techniques. Barrel Aging This technique, developed by award-winning Portland-based bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler, uses an oak barrel to tame harshness and alter flavor in spirit-driven drinks made with fortified wine, such as a Negroni. The semi-porous wood allows oxygen to interact with the ingredients—mellowing the vermouth in a | Read More

Need a Cocktail? Time to Hit the Books

by Joe Kiefer-Lucas in The Eugene Register-Guard

The single most important book for an amateur bartender is Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s “The Bar Book.” Unlike most other cocktail books “The Bar Book” focuses entirely on technique. Before you start bothering with recipes, you have to know how to properly make them. And this is what Morgenthaler’s book offers. It’s an examination of the why | Read More

Bartender’s Choice

by Andrea Damewood in Portland Mercury

Portland’s Top Cocktails from the People Who Make Them You can’t make a list of the city’s best cocktails without talking to OG, put-Portland-on-the-map, barrel-aged-his-drinks-before-it-was-cool bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler. He’s famous for soverymany drinks, so I couldn’t wait to see what he would choose as his finest. The answer: an Amaretto Sour ($14). Made with amaretto, overproof bourbon, | Read More

To Make a Better Cocktail, You Need the Right Ice

by Adrienne Donica in Popular Mechanics

“Regardless of shape or clarity, the temperature of ice, I would say, is the most important thing,” says Jeffrey Morgenthaler, bar manager of Portland’s Clyde Common, a restaurant where the bar program has garnered six James Beard Award nominations. Although water freezes at 32°F, ice is usually much colder. Ice purists might even go so far | Read More

In Search of the Ultimate Grasshopper

by Robert Simonson in Punch Magazine

We asked 10 of America’s best bartenders to submit their finest recipe for the Grasshopper—and then blind-tasted them all to find the best of the best. The verdict on many classic cocktails rests with the method in which they’re made (shaken or stirred); others, by their presentation (on the rocks or up). But at least | Read More

The Best Eggnog Is Made With Tequila

by Claire Lower in Lifehacker

Perhaps the most annoying response to “I don’t like that” is “You’d like mine,” but that’s exactly what Jeffrey Morgenthaler said to me when I told him I hated eggnog. Even more annoying? He was correct. Jeff’s nog is the only good nog, and it is made with tequila. To fully appreciate the praise I am bestowing on Jeff, | Read More