Yeah, yeah, I know: I’ve got a face made for radio.But in all seriousness, since the stuff I do is mainly technique focused, video is a natural medium for sharing what I’ve learned. So I do it, sometimes reluctantly.

So here’s pretty much every video I’ve ever made. I hope they’re not too hard to watch. ;)

The Underhanded Pour

David from Germany wrote to me about six months ago asking if there was a video demonstration of the “underhanded pour” I describe on page 190 of The Bar Book. Well, that right was right as I was deep in the process of opening my own bar, so naturally I let his email sit in | Read More

My New Favorite Citrus Peeler

I love being pleasantly surprised by bar-related knowledge, and this is the most recent surprise I learned while doing a staff training last week here in Portland. Head bartender Jared Miller shocked me by telling me that he cuts his citrus peels with one of the cheese slicers they use at the wine bar he | Read More

Bourbon Renewal

Half Full over at The Daily Beast an Bulleit Bourbon were kind enough to let me do this quick video at home about one of our most popular drinks at the bar, the Bourbon Renewal.

How to Bottle Kegged Cocktails Using the Blichmann BeerGun

Okay, so as a follow-up to the last video I posted, I wanted to show you how we use the Blichmann BeerGun at my bars to bottle our ginger beer and our two bottled cocktails that are on the menu at all times. I also love using this technique at home (yes, I’m a dork | Read More

How to Use an iSi Soda Siphon to Carbonate Housemade Sodas

Okay, so the title might make this seem super elementary, but I’ve got to say that after traveling the world and watching bartenders – especially those in cocktail competitions – dispense a foamy soda that quickly turns flat, I thought I would post a quick video showing you how to solve that problem. It’s a | Read More

Mastering the Old Fashioned with Elijah Craig Bourbon

This was a super fun project I shot in Chicago with my good friends at Heaven Hill/Elijah Craig. The Old Fashioned is one of my favorite drinks to make and drink, and I think our Old Fashioned at Clyde Common is the best you’re going to find anywhere. Check out the video below and learn | Read More

P(our) Symposium 2019

This year I was honored (and quite shocked, really) to be invited to speak at the P(our) Symposium in London. I spoke about my experience being behind the bar for the past 23 years, and in addition to the usual myth-busting and casual outrage, I decided to get very personal on this one. Also, I | Read More

Mint Syrup/Southside Fizz

I love the herb syrup technique we did for The Bar Book. It just makes the brightest, freshest, most vibrant mint (or any other herb)syrup you’ve ever had. In this collaboration between the book and Tanqueray, I show you how to make a mint syrup and then whip up a little Southside Fizz with Tanqueray | Read More

Late Night with Seth Meyers

For my first-ever appearance on late-night television, I got to show Seth Meyers how to make that classic Portland cocktail, the Spanish Coffee. It was pretty terrifying to be up making cocktails in front of so many people, but I really enjoyed it. Thanks for having me on, guys!

How to Make a Cocktail Video

Let’s face it, most cocktail videos are all the same. The host stands behind a counter and drones on about ingredients and quantities. It’s not a lot of fun. So I thought I’d do my best to try to (sorry, there’s no other way to say this) … shake things up a bit. Cheers. Enjoy.

Raspberry Syrup/Clover Club

This is a shoot I did for Tanqueray in conjunction with The Bar Book. It’s a quick demonstration of how to make the Raspberry Syrup we did in the book, and then turn that into a delicious Clover Club using Tanqueray Ten.

We’re Not Judging Your Drink Order

This is one of the videos I did for Stoli in their “Drink What You Want” series, where we explored this notion that bartenders judge you negatively for drinking vodka (spoiler alert: we aren’t). What follows is a litany of things we might, however, be judging you for.

Saveur Magazine: How to Make a Marmalade Whiskey Sour

My friends at Saveur Magazine and I got together at my house way too late one night and shot this fun little video on how to incorporate orange marmalade into a classic Whiskey Sour, which is one of my favorite little tricks of all time.

Oleo Saccharum/Gin Punch

Reading David Wondrich’s Punch really opened my eyes to the wonders of oleo saccharum. It happened to most of us, I think! Anyway, as I detailed in this post, it’s so much easier with a vacuum sealer. So in this little video collaboration between The Bar Book and Tanqueray, I show you how it works, | Read More