Kentucky Christmas

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I love this drink’s name. I can’t remember how I ended up creating this one for Red Agave’s cocktail menu, but once I discovered how well the sweetness of the whiskey plays against the tartness of the cranberry juice, I knew it was a winner.

The fresh cranberries are obviously optional, as they’re in season for such a short time. They definitely add substance to the drink, but keep in mind that sipping a nice, tall bourbon and cranberry juice is a wonderful way to spend a summer evening.


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  • 2 oz bourbon
  • 4 oz cranberry juice
  • small handfull fresh cranberries
  1. A nice way to prepare this one is to muddle the cranberries with ice to make a nice crushed ice/crushed cranberries mixture. I'm usually really turned off by bartenders who muddle fruit with their ice, but that rule mainly applies to citrus as pulverizing the fruit releases all those bitter oils.
  2. Serve this one in a pint glass full of your crushed ice/cranberries and it's a surefire winner.

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