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Don’t Put Away That Punch Bowl Just Yet, Cratchit

by Steven Stern in The New York Times

Innumerable Christmas stories, from Charles Dickens to Charlie Brown, conclude with the same message: how great it wold be if only we could keep the holiday spirit all year round. That, more or less, has become the credo for a circle of cocktail enthusiasts – though for “spirit” substitute “punch”. Most of us these days | Read More

Cheers To 75 Years Of Drinking Legally

by Robert Smith in National Public Radio

Unemployment is rising and banks are disappearing. It may feel like 1929 all over again, but there’s a crucial difference between the Great Depression and our fiscal crisis: We modern folk can legally drown our sorrows in alcohol. It may not be much solace, but on Friday, Dec. 5, you can spend your few remaining | Read More

Your Favorite Bartender is EVERYWHERE

by Molly Templeton in Eugene Weekly

How does the national media love the man Eugeneans voted Best Bartender? I’ll spare you from counting the ways; you can check the press page of his website for that. I just want to mention the two latest, er, mentions: Last week, The Wall Street Journal did a story on Repeal Day, the growing-in-popularity sorta-holiday that celebrates the end | Read More

Let 100 (O.K., 8) Bartending Philosophies Bloom

by Oliver Schwaner-Albright in The New York Times

TEN years ago, cocktail seekers would have been hard-pressed to find a bar that used fresh juice in sour mix (never mind adding microplaned zest), and ordering an Aviation would have earned a cold look instead of a refreshing but potentially lethal mixture of gin, lemon juice and maraschino liqueur. Today drinkers don’t need to | Read More

Celebrating Cinco de Drinko

by Eric Felton in The Wall Street Journal

“Prohibition went into effect on January 16. 1920, and blew up at last on December 5, 1933, an elapsed time of twelve years, ten months, and nineteen days,” H.L. Mencken wrote shortly after the ratification of the 21st Amendment to the Constitution eliminated the 18th Amendment. “It seemed almost a geologic epoch while it was | Read More

Best of Eugene: Best Bartender

by Staff in Eugene Weekly

It seems appropriate that it’s this year that Jeffrey Morgenthaler tops the list as your favorite drink-mixer in town. In the last year, Morgenthaler’s had drink recipes appear in Playboy (the Bourbon Renewal) and Food and Wine Cocktails 2008 (the Batida Rosa, an “interpretation of a classic style of Brazilian beach cocktail”); his writing has | Read More