Year: 2008 Page 4

Mixologist Lets It Pour

by Randi Bjornstad in The Register Guard

Jeffrey Morgenthaler is a man on a mission, and he’s carrying on his crusade these days from behind the well-stocked bar at Bel Ami Restaurant and Lounge at Midtown Marketplace, on Willamette Street in just-south-of-downtown Eugene. The mission — and not only has he already accepted it, he helped start it — is “to put | Read More

Drink of the Month: Bit of a Fix-You-Upper

by n/a in Playboy

From the Pacific Northwest, A sweet and sour twist on Kentucky whiskey. Jeffrey Morgenthaler is our kind of guy: an obsessive practitioner of lost arts and an inventor in his own right. He toils behind the bar of the Bel Ami Restaurant & Lounge in crunchy Eugene, Oregon, mixing, remixing and improvising, and he documents | Read More