A Bartender’s Advice to Women – Part 4

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On a busy night, there is always one guy lurking somewhere in the bar who will try to make you a rose out of a paper cocktail napkin as a romantic gesture.

This man is Satan and he drives a van. Do not trust him.

8 Replies to “A Bartender’s Advice to Women – Part 4”

  • Rabbit says:

    Better be careful. “Heckler” is Deb Frisch, internet verb and realife convicted stalker, out on probation in Eugene & wanted on a bench warrant in Colorado.
    Google her name. I’m not kidding.

  • Jeffrey says:

    Wow, that’s quite a memory you have there, Heckler! The drink in question was called the 43 Manhattan, served over crushed ice with Licor 43 (from Spain) in place of sweet vermouth.

    Thanks for the props. Stop in and say hello the next time you’re in the neighborhood!

  • heckler says:

    Hey, hombre. You made me the best drink of my life on September 16, 2006. It was Maker’s Mark with some sweet smooth stuff from Mexico called a Manhattan 41 or something like that.

    Yum. Yum. Yum.

    I remember the day because I had a gig doing standup at Peabody’s Pub (visit springfield without leaving eugene!) and had to deal with shit-faced 60 year old catholic dux fans who were delerious with job because the ducks had beaten the okies.

    the night didn’t turn out so great (I got booted from Peabody’s for heckling the drunk dux fans by a bartender named Brad) but I’ll always remember your drink, bro.


  • Scooter says:

    Sure! I can give you a ride little lady. Just move that rope and duct tape out of the front seat and hop in.

  • Jeffrey says:

    “Awwww, thank you! Wait, it smells like recycled paper…”

  • Gabriel says:

    Dude… wow, she smelled it afterwards? Like it was a real rose or something? That was agony enough in time lapse, I can only imagine the poorly lit horror in real time.

    be-sexy.ru indeed.

  • kev says:

    That guy did it soooo wrong, he didn’t make the leaf, nor did her burn the top of the flower a bit. Wrong wrong wrong 😛

  • pretty funny, i’ve seen one before. my girlfriend showed her cousin how to fold a ballerina out of a napkin, and that trick introduced him to his future wife, believe it or not…

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