Angostura Rums

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I met up with Marv Ali from the Angostura company at the show. We go through a lot of Angostura bitters at my bar – a lot – but I’ve never had the pleasure of trying any of their other products because my very controlled state doesn’t let us have them.

First I tried the 1919 rum. It’s an anejo, aged eight years and made from a blend of light and dark rums. The flavor is slightly hot, and it’s a big butterscotch blast with a wave of vanilla coming up right behind it.

Next I tried the 1824 Limited Reserve, a much more sophisticated product, with the heat removed by an extra four years of aging. The flavor is another butter bomb, with some toasty chocolate riding shotgun.

Both of these rums are sippers, perfect for a snifter. But the I could see mixing the 1919 with the juice of a fresh lime and a splash of brown sugar simple syrup for the perfect daiquiri.

Just the way Hemmingway used to take them.

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  • I don’t know, Silvio, I think that 2:1:1 is a pretty tasty proportion for a Daiquiri, but you could go as low as 3:1:1 I’d imagine.

  • Count Silvio says:

    I used 4cl of 1919, a little less than 2cl of lime juice and originally a little brown sugar simple syrup but I had to add more of it to balance it out because it was too sour. I don’t know how sour it is supposed to be but I think 2cl of lime juice is too much.

    The vanilla really comes out of this cocktail.

    If you have any tips how to improve this cocktail or any other recipes for Angostura 1919 I would appreciate them.

  • Count Silvio says:

    I recently posted a review of Angostura 1919 at

    In adition of the butter and vanilla you mentioned I found it had very strong floral tones that were a little too overpowering for my liking.

    I haven’t tried your cocktail suggestion for the 1919 but it sounds intriguing and I will no doubt try it soon enough. I will post the experience here once I’ve done so. I usually don’t mix premium rums with anything though. Most of them should be sipped neat.

    It has been a long time since I last sipped 1824 but I don’t remember it having any of these floral tones.

    I usually drink rum from a straight sided glass because in a snifter the aromas become too strong, also my nose is too big for that kind of a glass 😉

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