Batida Rosa

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This is my interpretation of a classic style of Brazilian drink. Often these are blended, but variations appear here and there that are on the rocks like this one. I like to use Leblon cachaça at the bar because it’s a multi-distilled, and therefore lighter, product.


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  • 2 oz/60 ml cachaça
  • 1 oz/30 ml fresh lemon juice
  • 1 oz/30 ml pineapple juice
  • .75 oz/22.5 ml real pomegranate grenadine
  • .5 oz/15 ml 2:1 simple syrup
  1. Shake ingredients over cracked ice and strain into a large wine glass filled with fresh ice.
  2. Top with 3 ounces soda or sparkling mineral water and garnish with a fresh pineapple spear.

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