Bourbon Renewal

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Half Full over at The Daily Beast an Bulleit Bourbon were kind enough to let me do this quick video at home about one of our most popular drinks at the bar, the Bourbon Renewal.

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  • Robert says:

    One of my favorite whiskey cocktails. Sadly, many bartenders are not clued in. I was recently in Washington DC at an establishment with a serious looking (and seriously priced) bar. I asked if the bartender was “pretty good” and the waiter said “yes.” So I ordered a Bourbon Renewal. He came back and said “no.” Not, tell me about it, but “no”. OK. Moved on to another drink. Reminded me of once ordering a “Scotch Mist” and the word came back “we are out of mist.” Right. So I ordered “Scotch with cracked or crushed ice” and they “had that.” Spread the word on the Renewal, please.

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