Carbonating Cocktails (or Ginger Beer, water, etc) with a Keg

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Now that I”m enjoying making these little instructional videos, here’s the first part of two where I show you how to carbonate cocktails (or anything, really) with a keg.

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  • Laurence Kedzie says:

    Great video! Have been following you for years keep up the good work!

  • NickS says:

    A little tip for the people doing this at home — queue up something to watch on the TV, or grab a book, grab a seat, and roll the keg back and forth with your (socked; it’s cold!) feet. It’s much less tiring and no risk of dropping the keg.

  • NickS – That’s exactly right!

  • Alf says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for this videos, they are a cool tool to check.

    I have two questions though:
    1. If I am going to dispense the liquid from a tap, the depressurization is required, or do we need that gas to pump it out?
    2. If dispensing from a tap a non carbonated drink, like a Negroni, how much time it takes to force the carbonation if we do not move the keg? And, to prevent this happening, the CO2 has to be removed after the shift?


    • Hey Alf!

      1. Yes you will need to depressurize and repressurize at a much lower pressure. The 40 psi is way too high. Start with 5 and work your way up.

      2. To dispense a non-carbonated beverage I recommend using nitrogen gas, as that will not carbonate your Negroni.

      Hope this helps.

  • Alf del Portillo says:

    Hello Jeff (I don’t know if people is allowed to called you this),

    Thanks for the answer, really helps!

    Nitrogen would not freeze the liquid or give it a funny flavour?


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