Dark and Stormy

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An authentic Dark and Stormy made with Gosling’s rum and homemade ginger beer is the ideal prelude to summer, when the spring months are arriving like lions and one’s mind turns to thoughts of lambs.

The national drink of Bermuda, a true Dark and Stormy is never made with Jamaican ginger brew or weak ginger ale. Only the real stuff made in small batches will do, so try this recipe at home or seek out a case of Barritt’s or Blenheim if you can.

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  • 2 oz/60 ml Gosling's Black Seal rum
  • 5 oz/150 ml ginger beer
  1. In a collins glass filled with ice, add rum and ginger beer.
  2. Garnish with lime and serve immediately.

Recipe printed courtesy of jeffreymorgenthaler.com

34 Replies to “Dark and Stormy”

  • Deanna says:


    Is cinnamon every added?

  • Carolyn says:

    I muddle about 1/2 to 3/4 of a lime in a cocktail shaker then add ice, about 5 dashes of Angostura bitters and the Gosling’s Rum. Shake, and strain into a glass full of ice. add about a half bottle of Cock n Bull Ginger beer and a lime wedge and drink up! Such a refreshing summer cocktail!

  • Ted Mills says:


    My local fine cocktail emporium features cocktails and their debut date. Their earliest is a Dark ‘n’ Stormy with the date listed as unknown.

    I’m surprised that you have this listed as a trademarked Gosling’s drink without any mention of a reference.

    For one thing I don’t believe they have the lockdown on a very old cocktail, when the Old Fashioned and Manhattans are “public domain”, and I was hoping you’d weigh in on this.

    Where’s your proof, other than a Gosling’s press release, that they “invented” this cocktail?
    I call bullshit.

  • Carl-Johan says:

    I just made five bottles of this and two bottles of homemade Kahlua for a party this Saturday.
    It tastes divine, running to the liquor store for some Black Seal now!

  • Joel says:


    I know this answer is three years late, but Whaler’s rum is excellent in a Dark & Stormy. Whaler’s smells wonderfully like brown sugar and vanilla and makes for a very dark and very delicious Dark & Stormy.


  • paul says:

    What about floating some domains de canton on the top of a dark and stormy. Is that sacrilegious?

  • randy says:

    Introduced to the drink this summer. It’s perfectly complimented by a large leafy sprig of horehound (the plant)as the garnish. Also, a chunk of fresh ginger and a couple of drops of blackstrap.

  • Marlene Glaser says:

    I also agree with a poster above– I highly recommend trying Buffalo Rock in a dark and stormy. It’s a fiery ginger beverage that is somewhere between a ginger ale and a ginger bee. It’s worshiped by many.

  • Karen says:

    I use Maine Root Ginger Brew, bottled in Portland, ME, for my Dark and Stormy. It’s very spicy and stands up well to the Black Seal rum. It’s hard to get outside of Maine. It’s also delicious alone if you can take the heat.

  • prufrock says:

    I put the Dark & Stormy on my cocktail menu a few years ago, and was using Barritt’s– but the cost per ounce was like using cans of Heineken. I don’t believe in high price-points that prevent one from enjoying a second or third drink, so I looked online for a reasonably simple method of making my own ginger beer. I was a bit scared of the fermentation (and risk of inconsistent production, et al) so I did my own thing and ordered post-mix ginger ale in a tank, and added a solution of freshly juiced ginger and lemons. It tasted great– had the bright heat of the ginger, the tart sharpness of the lemon juice, and the depth of sweetness and sparkle from the ginger ale. Cheap, and kind cheesy, but much more profitable than using partial cans of spendy ginger beer. I cannot wait to try this recipe–thanks! Also– if you’ve never had Alnwick Vattted Rum, please do try to get some. I spent a year of college in Alnwick, and would make awesome Cuba Librés with their 92º rum. I believe it is a different rum now, but still…. check it out!

  • Ivey says:

    do u know where i can purchase a can of dark n stormy in the USA. i have really searched the web and can not find it. i want the can that is already mixed with the rum and ginger beer. pls let me know
    thank u

  • oversea says:

    Thanks for this simple and tasty recipe here Jeffrey! Made it about ten times now and i absolutely fell in love with it. Ginger Beer is hard to get here in germany so i am very thankful !
    Many of Your ideas are a true inspiration to me.

    Greetings from germany

  • Peter S says:

    You missed the essential part of a Dark and Stormy: adding the Gosling’s last! It creates the look of a dark cloud that settles into the drink, hence the name. You can mix it together after you serve it, but I say presentation matters. I know that’s how it’s done in Bermuda because I went there a year ago and Gosling’s marketing director and Maxwell Gosling, heir to the company, came to my hotel for a rum tasting and they showed how to make the drink.

  • Janet says:

    What about using Whaler’s Original Dark Rum? Anyone tried that? I saw it at Trader Joe’s for $10….

  • Laura says:

    Jeff,Thank you for your quick reply. She may have heard it called that in her sailing circles. Especially since the ginger is good for any landlubbers that may be nausea.

  • Laura – As I’ve never heard of rum and ginger beer referred to as a “Stormy Sailor” I’m going to guess that your friend is one of the very few people that uses that particular name. The rest of us just call it a good old fashioned Dark and Stormy.

  • Laura says:

    Is this drink also known as a Stormy Sailor? A friend that sails one of the #1 rules is to keep the Captain supplied with Stormy Sailors. She said it is rum and ginger beer. This is the only drink I have found close to that description on the internet.

  • Yes, this method does work well with other types of sparkling beverages.

  • Corey says:

    Really looking forward to trying the ginger beer recipe. Any idea if this method is applicable to other sparkling beverages? Sparkling fruit juices, per chance?

  • Marcus says:

    Gosling’s should buy the picture to use on their site because their’s looks rubbish.

    Well I can’t even get the black seal from my local wine merchant. They do 24 other types of Caribbean rum! Bah… I looked online and found http://www.blackseal.co.uk though so I’ll buy a bottle there I think.

    Can’t get Barritt’s either by the way (though I’m going to try your recipe first I reckon!). The site reccomends “Old Jamaican” Ginger Beer. I’ve tasted the difference between this one and supermarket stuff. It is a hell of a lot better.

    Seriously! Bermuda is a “British overseas territory”… And we can’t even get their beer.

    (Actually I just found this one too: http://www.thedrinkshop.com/products/nlpdetail.php?prodid=2745
    What is the overproof version like? Would be fun to have it flaming aswell, haha!)

  • Marcus – Yes, I’m taking all the photos for my site now, and thank you. I was really happy with the way that one turned out.

    Mike S. – Picked up some Bundaberg this weekend at Cost Plus and you’re right – it is excellent stuff.

  • Marcus says:

    do you take the photos of your drinks? the photo up the top there is a beautiful shot of a dark n stormy! i’m off out to buy some black seal today because of it…

  • Ouroboros says:

    I’ve not had the Blenheim for years. Thanks for reminding me that I must order a case!

  • dave says:

    My favorite Ginger Beer is Regatta, it’s nice and spicey but has a real mellow finish, even a little citrusy, it’s a Bermuda Ginger Beer so makes a great Dark and Stormy. I usually drink with Gosling’s but but Mt Gay and the dark Tommy Bahama Rum work great.

  • Sheesh, Mike, I was trying to score some free samples. But I guess I’ll go shopping for yet more cocktail ingredients.

    Thanks a lot!


  • Mike S. says:

    Beverages & More in CA carries it, and I think they’ll ship — http://www.bevmo.com.


  • I haven’t had the opportunity to try Bundaberg. Anyone want to send me a sample?


  • Mike S. says:

    I think Bundaberg (“The Bunda from Down Unda”) is excellent. My favorite of the commercially-available ginger beers.


  • I’ve never had homemade ginger beer. Gonna have to give this one a try.

  • Kelsey Crenshaw says:

    My family’s from Birmingham, Al…I really Like Buffalo Rock Gingerale…it is so spicy you swear there was a ginger farm in the container…it’s been around for like 100 years….if you can find it try it. This website is one of the best out there, Mr. Morganthaler you have stollen my heart…

  • syoung68 says:

    How do you feel about the Bundaberg Ginger Beer. It is the only one I can find locally on a regular basis that has enough bite for me.

    I do make ginger syrup for cocktails, and I have always wanted to experiment making my own ginger beer, but wanted to let it ferment naturally. After Googling it I just got frustrated reading about starters and such.

    But WAIT, now I have your recipe and your method sounds much easier. Thanks for the yeast resource

  • I actually do like the Cruzan Black Strap with ginger beer, Jason. Very dark. Very stormy.

    And Dan, the big squeeze of fresh lime is essential. I wouldn’t even think of having a Dark and Stormy without it!

  • Dan says:

    I absolutely love a good Dark and Stormy. I like to add about half an ounce of lime juice to mine.

  • jason0x21 says:

    Have you tried Cruzan Black Strap Rum? It’s even darker and stronger than Black Seal. Stands up to Blenheim’s pretty well, but makes it a slow sipping drink.

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