El Mayor Tequila

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Stopped by the Luxco booth and sampled some of the sexy, rebranded El Mayor tequila.

I don’t know how many times El Mayor has been distilled, but one thing I missed from the silver was a deep, fruity agave flavor. This could have something to do with the fact that my palate was starting to lose its sensitivity, or it could be a very mild sort of tequila. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t… great.

The reposado is over-aged (up to nine months) and had some nice caramel tones from the wood. The añejo was right in line with the silver and the reposado: there was nothing technically wrong with it, it just didn’t seem to have much soul. Some sexy packaging, sure. But flavor? Kinda dull.

If you’re into Patron and other brands that don’t do much in the character category, this might be the tequila for you. It’s got a great bottle and a nice little logo there on the front. But for me, I’m going to need something more when I drop $35-$50 at the liquor store.

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