How to Bottle Kegged Cocktails Using the Blichmann BeerGun

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Okay, so as a follow-up to the last video I posted, I wanted to show you how we use the Blichmann BeerGun at my bars to bottle our ginger beer and our two bottled cocktails that are on the menu at all times. I also love using this technique at home (yes, I’m a dork and have all this stuff at home, too) if I’m going to have a big backyard party and want to do something special. Anyway, enjoy!

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  • Aaron DeFeo says:

    Question Mr. Morgenthaler – We’ve been doing something very similar but we cannot for whatever reason keep the CO2 from coming out of solution when it hits the out hose and goes into the gun. Even at zero PSI the gun spits out foam, even when we’ve tried it with just water. We have a clear liquid hose and you can see what looks like huge gaps of CO2 escaping in the line. Any tips?

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