How To Make Ginger Syrup Without A Mess, While Avoiding Shredded Knuckles

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If there’s one ingredient that goes great in cocktails, it’s ginger. Let’s face it, it’s something of a bartender’s Band-Aid when it comes to fixing up a drink, and I’ll be damned if it’s not delicious. At one of the bars I manage, Clyde Common, we have no less than two drinks containing some form of ginger on the cocktail menu, pretty much at all times. Our hot toddy would be flat without it, and our Dark and Stormy shines with bright, spicy, freshly pressed ginger. And I owe it all to a simple trick I learned many years ago.

4 Replies to “How To Make Ginger Syrup Without A Mess, While Avoiding Shredded Knuckles”

  • Chris says:

    Please see this if you can. I tried making this ginger syrup. The first time, it worked. The second time however, it turned into a jelly. How is this possible?

    • I’m not sure what you did, but since ginger doesn’t really contain pectin there’s no reason why this would happen if you followed the instructions to the letter. I would scrap it and try again.

  • Greg Schuler says:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    Although it’s not technically the same thing, couldn’t you sub ginger syrup and seltzer for real ginger beer? Curious what the proportions would be. Thanks!

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