Late Night with Seth Meyers

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For my first-ever appearance on late-night television, I got to show Seth Meyers how to make that classic Portland cocktail, the Spanish Coffee. It was pretty terrifying to be up making cocktails in front of so many people, but I really enjoyed it. Thanks for having me on, guys!

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  • Robert says:

    Great video. I used to order these for dates I wanted to impress back in the 70s at the Top of the Rockies in Denver. Spectacular and wonderful. Made the rest of evening just perfect.

  • Jack Wallace says:

    Between reading The Bar Book and watching this on YouTube the Spanish Coffee has been something I’ve really wanted to try.

    I’ve been trying to build Spanish Coffees the last few days but have been running into a problem with the glass cracking while I’m caramelizing the sugar rim. From what I can tell, my glasses are made with tempered glass.
    I preheat the glass with hot water for a couple minutes while I get my bottles out, whip my heavy cream, and make my coffee. Immediately after pouring the hot water out I wipe the glass dry, make the sugar rim, pour in rum and triple sec, and light the contents while continuously rotating the glass.
    My glasses have cracked two different times around one minute into caramelizing the sugar.

    My specs in the glass when it cracks are:
    3/4oz 151 Don Q Rum
    1/4oz Triple Sec

    I apologize for the long-winded comment but do you have any insight into why my glasses may be cracking?

    • Hey Jack. I’ve found in my experience that if your glass curves in too much at the top, they’re much easier to crack, tempered or not. I will say that I would avoid pre-heating the glass with hot water. There’s no need for it, and it might be partly responsible for your broken glass problem. Your recipe is fine.

      I used this model glass in the video, I’ve used it for nearly a decade and I’ve never had a cracked glass. It’s one of my favorites. I will also say that I’m 90% certain that this glass is the one they use at Huber’s, and if it is, they certainly wouldn’t use it if they ever had them breaking. Hope this helps.

  • Michael Blosser says:

    Television Gold!

  • Alexp says:

    That was very cool. You are a natural on camera.

  • Jimmylounge says:

    Do not build this drink in a tiki bar, enough said.

  • Chip Barron says:

    “The camera adds 10 ounces.”

    Amazing line. Nice work!

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