Mixology Monday: Brandy

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mm-23.gifWell, here we are at Mixology Monday time again. Our host for this round is Marleigh over at Sloshed! and in my mind she’s picked a real winner of a theme: brandy.

I love brandy. I love to consume it, I love to sell it, and I love to mix with it. A few months ago, someone suggested I come up with a great Oregon cocktail, and as I scanned the backbar at work my eyes landed on one of my most beloved Oregon spirits, Clear Creek Apple Brandy.

If you come to Oregon for the first time, you’ll likely land in Portland. And while spending some time exploring that great city of ours should be one of the first things on your list, please take a day to explore an area nearby that is often overlooked, even by Oregonians.


From Portland, take Highway 84 east for about an hour and a half, following the breathtaking Columbia River valley to the town of Hood River. After lunch, take some time to explore the valley south of town. It’s a luscious region that lies in the shadow of Mount Hood, full of apple and pear orchards, and little family farms selling fresh berries on the side of the road. You can still buy a Coke in a glass bottle at the general store here, and spend hours exploring as you sip. It’s an incredible little place to lose yourself in during those perfect Oregon summer days.

This wonderful setting is where Clear Creek grows the apples used in their apple brandy. This drink is my humble tribute to that place.

The Cascade Crush Print Me

  • 2 oz Clear Creek apple brandy
  • 1 oz lemon juice
  • ¾ oz simple syrup
  • 1 tsp Marionberry jam
  1. Shake ingredients over cracked ice until combined. Strain over ice in a double-rocks glass. Garnish with fresh Marionberries when in season, or with lemon peel during the cold, rainy months when you long to return to that little valley on a warm summer afternoon. (I love this drink. Thank you for reading.)

Recipe printed courtesy of jeffreymorgenthaler.com

8 Replies to “Mixology Monday: Brandy”

  • Keith says:

    I came across this earlier today and served up few after the feasting.

    I didn’t have any marionberry jam on hand, but I did have a bottle of Clear Creek Loganberry Liqueur so I substituted a couple of teaspoons of that in place of the jam.

    Great Drink & Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  • Colleen says:


    Long-time reader, first time to comment. Just wanted to say that this piece brought a tear to my eye. Honestly the most beautiful writing.

    I grew up in eastern Oregon and know the area you speak of well.

    Thank you for some terrific memories

  • Molly

    One of us will always be there. The Cascade Crush is on the menu, so come have one and say hello.


  • Molly says:


    Hey, are there any particular days a person might want to avoid if she wanted to come say hello to you fellas in your new work digs?

  • Jesse G says:

    lol, so this has nothing to do with the post, but I was drinking a martini and it made me think “hey I wonder what is on Jeffrey’s site now.”

  • Lance J. Mayhew says:

    Jesus, I’m drooling on my desk. Thanks a lot.

  • matt says:

    I visited Portland for the first time a couple weeks ago and visited the Clear Creek Distillery in Portland for a free and generous tasting (basically, as many samples as you want!). Some delicious tastes and this looks like a great use. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any mountain vistas like the one in your picture (too cloudy – what do I expect visiting in January?), but the drink looks beautiful as well. Nice post.

  • Marleigh says:

    Wow. Not only a gorgeous drink, but a lovely post. Thanks, Jeffrey!

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