Old Forester Repeal Bourbon

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Things are really starting to ramp up for the 75th anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition on December 5th! Today I received a package from the folks at Old Forester bourbon, who are showing their support of my favorite day by releasing a limited edition Repeal Day bottling of their whiskey.

From the press release:

“Repeal Bourbon is bottled from a special selection of Old Forester barrels that exhibited a more robust character that is similar to the Old Forester that was bottled during Prohibition,” added Chris Morris, Master Distiller for Old Forester. “The flavor, presented at Prohibition’s required 100 proof, is a full, deep, charred oak character that will appeal to bourbon-lovers everywhere.”

Old Forester has long been one of my go-to bourbons, as it explores the savory side of whiskey without an overload of sweetness. I love using it in a Manhattan as it sets off the orange and caramel of a good sweet vermouth while providing a solid, spicy backbone.

Check out more information about the bottling (due sometime in late November or early December) here, and as always, visit the home of Repeal Day here.

14 Replies to “Old Forester Repeal Bourbon”

  • Janet says:

    I came across a set of, I think, “tin” glasses that have The Old Forester Mint Julip written on them. They either belonged to my parents Or grandparents. They were all born and raised in New Orleans, La. Do you happen to know anything about these glasses.

  • Jeff Frane says:

    You’re both goofy. What good is a bottle of unopened booze? Jeebus crispy, you’re supposed to DRINK it.

    Just give me your bottle, Morgenthaler, and that way you won’t have to torture yourself.

  • SeanMike – I didn’t, I’ve been leaving mine closed and saved as well. Silly, really, maybe we can get another bottle to taste…

  • SeanMike says:

    So Mr. Morgenthaler – did you ever try your bottle?

    I have mine, but I’ve debated whether I should open and drink it or just save it.

  • Garretto says:

    Thanks for the review! Three weeks ago a came across a sale on Old Forester at Albertsons supermarket. $10.99!!! I gave it a try per your review —very very nice.
    I’ve bought 4 bottles since —the sale may still be on, gonna check tonight. Jim Beam is my usual inexpensive go to bourbon, this stuff is every bit as good.
    Looking forward to the release of the anniversary bottle—Thanks.

  • Dina says:

    This bourbon sounds great. Maybe I’ll put it on my Christmas list. 🙂

    And I love your idea of celebrating Repeal Day. I’ll mark my calendar and tell my friends.

  • Tiare says:

    Looks like another very deliscious Bourbon that will never find its way to my country unless it may show up sometimes on PortRoyal.

  • Jimbo Walker says:


  • Jeff Frane says:

    What are the odds that the OLCC springs for this bourbon?

  • Fortunately you’ve got a couple of months to save up for a bottle, Craig!

  • Dr. Bamboo says:

    Great. ANOTHER delicious-sounding Bourbon I need to try.

    I’m not made of money, Jeffrey.

  • I had a sneaking suspicion you’d be trying to weasle a post out ahead of me, Boudreau, so that’s why I took the risk of being late and wrote my post before work. Gotcha!

  • Jamie B says:

    Damn you Morgenthaler!! How am I supposed to scoop you and write about the Forester when I didn’t get my bottle until I got home from work at 3 am!!!

  • drago says:

    Great, now I want a Manhattan and it’s 8:15AM…

    But it’s good to get a jump-start on Repeal Day plans. This needs to be the next big holiday, no reason that St. Patrick’s and Cinco de Mayo have all the fun.

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