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Sometimes a drink idea takes days of adjusting and tasting to finalize the recipe, but sometimes it will just come to me. When someone mentioned that Valentine’s Day was coming up in a week and that I should come up with a set of special drinks for the occasion, my wee brain somehow managed to kick into gear and come up with this drink. Don’t ask me how I did it.

I had just picked up a new bottle of House Spirits’ fabulous, rich, creamy, herbaceous Aviation Gin, and somehow knew that it would work beautifully with one of my all-time favorite liqueurs, Mathilde creme de cassis (liqueur of black currants). I added a little lemon for balance, and the drink was ready.

The result is gorgeous. The color is a deep pink. The mouthfeel is tight and bracing. The flavor is like a flower, rich and herbally. It’s romantic, it’s deep, and it’s a perfect balance between masculine and feminine. Try it sometime.

Another note: if you can’t find Aviation gin in your store, try to find Plymouth gin or even Hendrick’s gin for a similar flavor.

Pink Print Me

  • 2 oz Aviation gin
  • .75 oz creme de cassis
  • .5 oz fresh lemon juice
  • 2 tsp simple syrup
  1. Shake well over cracked ice and strain into a chilled nine ounce cocktail glass. For Valentine's Day we garnished the drink by floating white rose petals on top, but edible flowers such as pansies or nasturtiums would work beautifully in the spring when they can be found. If you're out of flowers, use a lemon wedge and call it good.

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2 Replies to “Pink”

  • Jeffrey says:

    Thanks, Jimmy!

    I just looked that up, and you’re right. I don’t know about that whole underfloat business, though. There’s something about having your last few sips of a drink be nothing but straight, sweet liqueur that seems odd to me. I saw a picture online here, and I do have to admit that it’s pretty to look at!

    I also picked up a bottle of maraschino liqueur when I was in California, and we’ve been making Aviation cocktails with the Aviation gin – and it’s amazing.

  • jimmy says:

    Welcome back!
    That is a good drink. Jay Crabb at the Martini Monkey makes a similar one, but uses the Casis as a kind of under-float. He calls it the Aviator (with a nod to the Aviation.)

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