America’s Top Ten Bartenders

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Brenda over at The Spirit World alerts us to a Playboy article about the top ten bartenders in America today:

America’s best bartenders are not those oh-so-talented men and women who can juggle three liquor bottles while singing country tunes. And they are not the folks who merely give you a free round (though that is indeed a wonderful thing). Mixing drinks has become an art form on the level of haute cuisine; better cocktails use fresh ingredients, pair unusual flavors and look as good as they taste. Serious mixologists (pretentiously known as “bar chefs”) have mastered the classics and strive to create new ones. In our search for the best bartenders we looked for pros you can actually see (and meet) mixing drinks. Our top 10 are assembled here alphabetically, along with their place of work and signature creation.

I was pleased to see the inclusion of Lucy Brennan, who was once the employer of my current boss, Katie Marcus-Brown!

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