All Other Drink Bloggers Must Be Destroyed!

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While minding my own business yesterday, checking out free Dilbert cartoons and looking for sexy Pilates vlogs, I was rudely interrupted by Cate O’Malley of the Well Fed Network with the following announcement:

Just a heads up that your site is officially in the running for the 2007 Food Blog Awards – head on over to for the news.

I clicked my mouse or whatever on the blue words to download my trophy when I discovered that I was not alone: apparently there are others out there who write about beverages and such! Teeth gnarled, fists clenched and toes curled, I decided to check out the competition.


First off, there’s the teenage boy who lives in his parents’ basement and blogs to the internet under the alias “Paul Clarke“. Paul is a regular contributor to Imbibe (kind of a magazine about robots and stuff), and during his summer vacations Paul travels to huge geek conventions in New Orleans.


It takes the entire Long Island High School debate team (Go, Chargers!) to make the wine-dork website over at Lenndevours, yet not a single member is old enough to drink alcohol. The comments on the site often break out into flame wars over who would win in a fight: Captain America or Cyclops from X-Men.


Speaking of comic books, high-schooler Tyler Colman posts his wine stuff under the internet handle “Dr. Vino”, a thinly-veiled reference to “Dr. Octopus” from the Spiderman comics. Tyler was nominated for a James Beard award earlier this year. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with James Beard, he played “Scotty” on the television show Star Trek.)


San Francisco is home to two things: computer nerds, and people who smell like garlic. Cameron and Anita from Married… With Dinner are covering both bases with a website about food. When two dorks find each other, it’s a beautiful thing – but when they can get a computer involved, it’s poetry in motion, people. And you know there were lightsabers at that wedding.

So that’s the crowd I’m up against. Should be a no-brainer, but just in case, head on over to the polls and help me crush the competition.

17 Replies to “All Other Drink Bloggers Must Be Destroyed!”

  • Oops! The fine folks at Married… With Dinner took it away, and deservedly so:

  • Sarah says:

    And the winner is… ???

  • Check you out – up for awards and trotting around the country drinking cocktails.

    Welcome to the Big Leagues sucka.


    (and, let me send you a million congrats and good luck, my friend!)

    Though all the contenders are worthy ones, my money is on you.

    The Liquid Muse

  • Adam says:

    Gah, I missed the voting and nothing has been announced. I cannot count the number of recipes of yours I have used with great results – keep it up!

  • Ouroboros says:

    Congratulations! this finalists list includes four of my ten “go-to” cocktail blogs. I’m completely torn!

  • jimmy says:

    I’m voting for you! And if you read anything over there on that Paul Clarke’s website that says any different, I’m just lying to him to make him feel better.

  • Rob Combs says:

    Howdy-Ho, Jeff. Your Blog has to be one of the best ones on the internet. Love it. I voted for ya…twice. Kick those minors derriers’.

    Have Fun!

  • Count Silvio says:

    Since your blog is the only blog of the blogs mentioned that I read and enjoy, I might as well give you my vote.
    On behalf of Refined Vices I give you my support. Godspeed.

    – Silvio

  • You made me laugh so hard I lost my morning coffee through my nose

    …… you bastard.

  • Thanks, everyone. I figured that with my snowball’s-chance-in-hell of beating out that echelon of competition, I might as well post something completely ridiculous.

    But Anita, I’m going to keep the vision of lightsabers at your wedding close to my heart for all time.

  • Hey buddy, don’t go picking on my friends like that! And I resent the implication that I am a garlic eating computer nerd.

    Oh, wait, I am a garlic eating computer nerd. “One vote per computer,” though, hmmm. I am beginning to see an advantage in being a computer nerd…

  • Alex says:

    Cangrats! Have had your blog on my must read list for some time now.

    It’s certainly a tough group to chose from. Given, however, your current resident status in my former home town it’s clear that you are the greatest blogger since Plato. Besides, everybody knows the essential question of our time is who would win in a fight between Superman and Might Mouse.

  • Marleigh says:

    One of the reasons I love coming here is the humble grace with which you imbue each post.

    Nevertheless, I will tell you congratulations, and good luck against that Paul kid. He seems like he might be kind of sneaky.

  • Thanks for my laugh of the day – too funny! One vote per computer. 🙂

  • Anita says:

    I feel compelled to confess that although there were no lightsabers at our nuptials, our officiant unexpectedly quoted “The Princess Bride”… and -everyone- laughed. 😀

    But mostly, our dorkiness is pretty well confined to food obsession. I think… [checks pants for too-short cuffs]

  • Thanks, PFinn, it’s nice to know that at least one person reads this crap!

    I don’t know the rules for voting, but I’d rather play fair than suggest anything ungentlemanly.

  • PFinn says:

    I just started reading your blog over the weekend, im not even really sure how i found it, never-the-less i love it… just voted, good luck.

    Any idea on the rules for voting (once per computer ever, once per computer per day, etc)?

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