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I just got this really nice letter yesterday from someone who had been in to Red Agave last summer. I thought I’d share it, because it made my day:


I’m glad to have found your website. It’s fun and a good look into Eugene for this newcomer.

You served me dinner at the bar of Red Agave on what you said was your last night there before moving to El Vacquero.

It was a great meal made better by your confident and fun manner while running the show.

On your recommendation, I finished dinner with some Pedro Ximenez. What a marvelous desert drink–thick as molasses and tasting of raisins and figs. Much deeper in flavors than even good, vintage port. The perfect complement to chocolate. Neither of us knew exactly what Pedro Ximenez was–besides terrific.

That meal at Red Agave was my first in Eugene after moving here from Indiana. (What a promising introduction!) A month later, after my family and possessions had caught up to me, I was unpacking the few bottles of wine that made the trip. And what did I find but an unopened bottle of Pedro Ximenez given to me a few years ago by a friend who had visited Spain!

Wow! What a wine. My wife made a chocolate lava cake dessert for the next Sunday meal and Pedro was our honored guest. Gracious he was indeed.

Here is the Wikipedia for Pedro. And I looked for some bottles on the .net–Pedro isn’t cheap-but he is a value for what you get. $22 for a 375 ml bottle.

Thanks again for a memorable meal.


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