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Hold On To Your Hats, I Found a Vodka I’ll Actually Drink

I don’t drink vodka. Most of you know that by now. I don’t care for spirits that strive to taste more like nothing than their competitors. I don’t care for drinks made with vodka, which taste merely like alcoholic versions of whatever fruit juice has been added to the glass. It’s boring liquor for boring | Read More

Dirty, Dirty Sue

If you’ve been reading this website for a while, you probably know that I spout the virtues of fresh ingredients and encourage people to eschew the use of pre-made drink mixes. So, I was a little taken aback when I received a package containing two bottles of Dirty Sue Dirty Martini Mix in the mail | Read More

Whiskey Tasting on a Sunday Afternoon

Tracy was asking for bourbon recommendations, and although this post is about more than just bourbon, it’s somewhat related. My friend Ryan had me over for a pig roast this afternoon to celebrate his wife’s birthday, so I got to take a tour of his legendary liquor room. That’s right, while the rest of us | Read More

El Mayor Tequila

Stopped by the Luxco booth and sampled some of the sexy, rebranded El Mayor tequila. I don’t know how many times El Mayor has been distilled, but one thing I missed from the silver was a deep, fruity agave flavor. This could have something to do with the fact that my palate was starting to | Read More

Make Me a Golf Ball Margarita

I posted an article about the lunatics from Blendtec back in November, and now here I am watching them live and in person, blending golf balls and a rake. Delicious. I tried to get a video at 3:00 PM, but it seems that I forgot how to use a digital camera. Oh, well. You can | Read More

Momokawa Nigori Genshu Sake

This is possibly the best product I tried all day: a thick, semi-sweet, chilly sake with lots of tropical fruit and coconut flavors. It’s made by Momokawa Sake in Japan, but the product is owned and imported by SakeOne here in Forest Grove, Oregon. Hmmmm… sounds like yet another reason why Oregon is such a | Read More

Tezón Reposado Tequila

I met up in the middle of the show floor with the guys from my liquor store here in Eugene and we popped in at the ginormous Pernod-Ricard booth. As I already carry most of the products that they were showcasing, I was interested in tasting their Tezón tequila. Tequila often has a lot of | Read More

Flor de Caña 18 Year-Old Centenario Gold Rum

Next I stopped by the Flor de Caña booth to sample a product I’d heard a lot about, but had never tried: Flor de Caña 18 Year-Old Centenario Gold Rum. Although the company is headquartered in Nicaragua, they own sugar cane plantations and distilleries all over Latin America. The company has been alive for seventy | Read More

Angostura Rums

I met up with Marv Ali from the Angostura company at the show. We go through a lot of Angostura bitters at my bar – a lot – but I’ve never had the pleasure of trying any of their other products because my very controlled state doesn’t let us have them. First I tried the | Read More

My Review of Patrick Henry’s Cocktail Mixers

A while back I was contacted by Whit Whitley of Revolution X Mixers, a new brand of bottled mixers. He sent me some samples in the mail, and although I’m usually opposed to pre-made cocktail mixes, I was excited to try some new stuff. You see, at my bar, we make everything from scratch. Sours, | Read More

Creepy Juicers for Sale

The Mr. and Mrs. Jones Juicer Set by Polly George would be a fine addition to your Adamms Family-inspired bar. Simply cut your fruit in half, and ream on the lifelike small head and torso that protrudes from the bowl. The copy doesn’t mention how to get the juice from the bowl, or how easily | Read More