First Day in Iceland

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Mostly a photo update today, as I think the pictures speak for themselves and I didn’t bother taking notes at the spa or while eating dinner. Call me crazy.

The car arrived early this morning to pick us up and take us to Heathrow Airport for Iceland. After an unfortunate hour spent on the runway, we were soon up in the air and enjoying a scrumptious lunch of cold chicken and raspberry yogurt.

Landing in Iceland can be a little rough, considering the main export here is weather. But all bumps and bruises aside, the scenery was immediately pretty breathtaking and we were quickly whisked away from the airport to the Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon is a gigantic outdoor spa, with hot water provided by the output of the local geothermal power plant. The waters are rich in minerals and reportedly quite therapeutic to the skin. And a nice hot soak was a pretty ideal way to rinse off a day’s worth of air travel.

Fairly immediately after arriving at the hotel, it was time for an incredible dinner at Sjávarkjallarinn, or Seafood Cellar. This very well might have been one of the best meals I’ve had in my life. Incredible food and brilliant chat.


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