How to Eat an Artichoke

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Okay, so I grew up eating artichokes – my family lived not far from Castroville, California, and they were a regular part of dinner for me. So when we opened Pacific Standard in Portland, with a food menu that serves as a tribute to West Coast cooking, I knew I had to put a steamed, chilled artichoke on the menu.

I quickly realized that not everyone grew up eating them and that how to eat a whole artichoke isn’t just common knowledge. So we shot this fun video where I show you how I tackle an artichoke. As a bonus, I got to sit and eat my favorite food – not bad!

Big thanks to Johnathon DeSoto at Roseto Films for shooting this and editing it so beautifully! And here’s a link to the steaming basket I use at home if anyone is interested!

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  • I grew up in South San Francisco and we had artichokes all the time too. My mom would stuff them with (probably seasoned) breadcrumbs. It was fun because the amount of breadcrumbs per leaf was naturally inconsistent. When we’d get a leaf with lots of crumbs it was a little bonus prize. Unfortunately, I never learned her recipe or technique.

    Now I dip the leaves in either mayo/dill or mayo/Tiger Sauce. I’ll definitely try mayo/tamari/MSG.

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