How to Make a Daiquiri – The American Bartending School Way

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I found this video on the DrinkBoy forum this weekend, posted sometime last year. Those of you who have been reading for a while will know that I always love a good instructional video, as I’ve remarked upon time and again.

To recap, here’s the recipe:

1. Chill an 8-ounce cocktail glass.
2. Pick your nose, and wipe the resulting findings on the back of your hand.
3. In a mixing glass, add one ounce of Bacardi rum.

Note: rum is a liquor that comes in many different colors.

4. Add two ounces of sweet-and-sour mix.
5. Wipe nose on back of hand for four full seconds.
6. Shake drink gently.
7. Talk about difference between fresh lime juice and sour mix while drink melts in shaker.

Note: fresh limes are no longer used.

8. Strain drink into chilled glass.
9. Dump any excess in sink.
10. Enjoy!

121 Replies to “How to Make a Daiquiri – The American Bartending School Way”

  • Greg says:

    “Will fresh lime make a better drink? Yes. But that’s hard so I don’t do it. Enjoy your Booger Daquiri.”

  • Danny Ronen says:

    JM, just showed this to my bartenders, love coming back to your page as opposed to the school’s youtube page because it comes with the snarky comments for free. Bonus! Thanks again for being a dick. I miss you.

  • Rica says:

    Jeff Goodman, the owner of National Bartenders School, bought and now runs the American Bartending School of Palm Desert, California (where this guy worked and filmed these ridiculous videos).
    The school, was and is, actually pretty great.
    Truth be known. I think these terrible videos were filmed as an outline for a video course they planned on doing. They were never meant to be seen or released…but someone posted the wrong ones and it’s been the biggest comedic goof ever. Anyway, that’s how the story goes.

  • Sherri says:

    John, I also sharpened my skills with the National Bartending Institute course more years ago than I care to admit and you’re right – it was good, real world training that definitely improved my skills and professionalism as a bartender in a high-end, high-paced D.C. bar.

  • John says:

    Wow, this guy is really bad. I’ll be honest, when I was looking to move to SoCal to go back to school I decided that bartending is the place I want to be, so I started looking up bartending schools as I had no clue what to do. I ended up going with National Bartending School, specifically the one in Riverside. I actually had a great time, and while I feel like a few of the recipes are a bit different, I do appreciate the confidence it gave me to hang out behind a bar, even if it was just to pour food colored water into mixing glasses. I’ve heard some horror stories about bartending schools, and now I understand why thanks to this guy. But i do think that the team over at National Bartending School did a great job giving me something to float on while I ventured out into the real world to gain actual experience and make real drinks. It was sort of like getting the training wheels taken off and thrown out there. It was exciting, and if you’re stupid the school isn’t going to change that, but a good manager will weed you out in a second.

  • Rexus says:

    wow… im a newby, and now I feel like a pro after that. gross dude.
    “can you make sure to get some around the rim too, thanks guy”

  • Jamie says:

    Someone give this guy time slot and stand at Tales

  • Dave says:

    What’s truly sad is that the union bartenders in Vegas are all taught by guys like this. Of of the worlds top drinking destinations churning out some of the worlds worst bartenders. How do you make a daiquiri? Easy, just push the daiquiri button on the gun and add ice! delicious!

  • planeOpinion says:

    ………… would’ve been awesome to see him sip it at the end and do one of those “hey it’s not so bad” faces, hahaha…..nasty.

  • Travis M. says:

    Well, Jeffery, i am watching this video for the first time. You did a fine job of finding what is probably among the top 10 VERY WORST bartending school videos on the internet. If you can belive it, I have seen worse. I have seen a bartender school put up a daquiri video that showed it made with cream!

    As a bartending school owner/instructor who is very passionate about the craft, I need to say that not all bartender schools teach this dribble.

    One thing he almost had right was the history of the drink. The problem with his rendition is that it was not the Americans drinking daquiris when they arrived, it was the Cubans! They had been drinking daquiris for a long time before the Americans got there. And, there is no way that it had ice in the recipe at all. I think, in 1899, had you told a Cuban that water freezes, he would have laughed at you. There is no ice in Cuba! Not until freezers made it to Cuba!

  • rcb4d says:

    A full five years later, this guy uses the comments section of his video to defend his right to use sour mix. He’ll be working most afternoon shifts at the Glendale Mall Applebees, if anyone is thirsty.

  • damien says:

    Hands up who thinks are Daiquiri video is better than his??

  • VGA says:

    I’m not even a bartender and I would argue that my daiquiri is better than his. If only because I use fresh lime juice. From those old fashioned limes, rather than from those new fangled bottled mixes.

  • Mike Chapman says:

    very useful advice on the use of fresh limes, I did not know that, thanks

  • Adam Kanter says:

    So this guy eventually re-shot the video for the daiquiri, eliminating the nose-picking and his diatribe against limes. Know where I can find this original video you posted?

  • Tony says:

    I am sitting here by myself laughing aloud to my empty apartment, it’s THAT kind of funny.

    Years ago I was a restaurant manager, before I wised up and went back to bartending. When an applicant told me or put on their resume that they had been to bartending school, it was an immediate call to arms to promptly put their application shall we say, ‘somewhere safe.’ I won’t say that I ’round filed’ them but hey, stuff was known to fall off my desk into the trash. It happens.

    Thank you Jeff!

  • Claire says:

    Oh ma gawwwwwwwd. I want to lie in the shower in the foetal position for a while until maybe the trauma of that Rob Roy video fades away.

    The best part, quite apart from the lack of bitters (and the olive barnacles) was how you must only stir the drink 8 times, for a maximum of 4 seconds. Lest it become cold, good heavens!!!

  • Thank you Jeff, this was precious.

    My suggestion: send this guy to Cuba with a case of sour mix.

  • Kelli Sparkles says:

    Mortified! I have recently started bartending at TGI’s and was horrified to discover they don’t use fresh lime in their daiquiris! (which are 99.9% of the strawberry frozen variety.) Sweet and sour mix is NOT a fair substitute, however passable in these flavoured, frozen varieties. A straight-up, classic daiquiri should consist of RUM, LIME and GOMME/SUGAR.

    As for the nose picking, who the HELL edited this? I think hes a lonely man, filming this himself in his front room. With no bartending experience AT ALL. And the drinks he makes are used to groom the unsuspecting passers by he kidnaps and then trains to be the worst bartenders on the planet. Go you!

  • Sam Halhuli says:

    That was beautiful!
    I’m not sure what was more disgusting. The nose play or the recipe.

  • Ramya says:

    I’ve only been behind the bar for a month and even I had to cringe…. =/

  • Michael says:

    I particularly love his method of seperating the boston glass (sorry… glass mixing cup). I prefer to avoid broken glass in my cocktails.
    Also, i can just imagine Hemmingway sitting at the bar at La Floridita and being asked ‘would you like Daiquiri #3 or this commercially available sour mix?’

  • Ouch. says:

    I love how he stares at the rum bottle for a second like it’s some kind of alien substance before carefully reading off the label.

  • LaCheshireChat says:

    But, seriously, better this guy uses the S&S mix than fresh limes, I wouldn’t want this pick-ticular guy squeezing fresh juice, heaven only knows where ELSE his hands have been! Washer or walker? I’m guessing the latter! Yuck!

  • win says:

    Shit bartending school, is gum syrup or sugar really that hard to use?

  • jgtx says:

    This dude is unreal. I went to youtube and it only gets worse. I had to stop watching after I saw his Manhattan without bitters.

  • Sherri says:

    Unbelievable. I had to watch more to see if they were all equally bad. Yup. Pretty much so. Although I did learn how to make a really great Bloody Mary. You put one ounce of vodka in your ice-filled rocks glass, and then you open a bottle of store bought bloody mary mix and pour some in.

    Priceless info here. Didja know that bloody marys used ta be just tomato juice and vodka, but nowadays it’s tomato juice and pretty much whatever else the manufacturer wants to add to it.

    Where do I enroll???

  • lauren mote says:

    ya, limes are always out of season for me… what else.. hmmm…. ya, i loved the 10 second nostral scratch/pick followed by the molestation of the liquor nozzel.

  • Bernhard says:

    No I understand why in some areas of the USA you are allowed to wear weapons….I suppose you get through with self defence, when sth. like that is served.

  • ND says:

    I once had the misfortune of working with a bartender from Engrish. Ditto.

  • MRG says:

    I had the misfortune of working with a bartender from American once. As I entered my management career I made it a point to never hire ANYONE with American on their resume. These morons give us all a bad name…

  • matt says:

    That is so retarded. Do they actually pay this guy?

    Lets cut corners and hope customers don’t notice….

  • Leon says:

    I cant believe that he forgot to add the boogers to the “rob roy”

    unless the inclusion of the olive counts….

  • Dominik MJ says:

    Like everywhere on the world and almost everydrink, Cubans are preparing their Mojitos in a variety of ways. Though the “classic” way with lime juice and bruised mint in a highball seems to be the most authentic and also the most common recipe…

  • ND says:

    I’ve always found a Daiquiri to be kind of like a more sophisticated Caipirinha, and it’d be interesting to do some research into how the Cubans generally drink theirs (I imagine they have a similar arrangement to the Brazilian bathtub full of cachaca and a lime tree in the back yard (: ). Someone commented on Robert Hess’s Mojito video that Cubans drink their Mojitos in a similar format to a Caipirinha, with the lime and mint muddled and served in a rocks glass over ice (no soda). I’ve tried this, and it makes for a great drink (although I’ve found that you need to use a gold or dark rum to prevent the other stuff from overpowering the drink—the muddled mint also produces a kind of “louche”, which is pretty cool).

  • Lisa C – Sorry to say, but he’s using the proper glass. Daiquiris were never meant to be blended.

  • Todd Appel says:

    Little known factoid: Pre Castro Cuba was the land of gatorade green sweet and sour mix…matched the snot on the fingers and wrist and sleeve of the cane field workers…

    This is tradition at its best

    we dont need no stinking limes!

    How does that stuff get made?

    my jaw needs help getting off the ground..

  • Lisa C says:

    OOPS, SORRY, for some reason, I the send button hit itself…
    So, as I was saying, there was NO WAY my instructor would let me or anyone else for that matter, get away with making a drink like that, (or picked my nose whilst I did it) She would have kicked me to the curb and told me NEVER to come back.

    And BTW, since when is a Daiquiri made in a freakin martini glass????? What a moron!!!

  • Lisa C says:

    OMG! Now that guy gives Bartending schools such a bad name!!!!
    I recently went back to bartending after many years of being away. I did go through a good bartending school where there was NO WAY

  • jess says:

    farkn hell theres no pride in his work “the easy way to make a good drink” make it properly in less bloody time use FRESH LIMES use as many FRESH ingredients possible. tard

  • Chris says:

    Ok now I just watched the actual video in question. Is this guy KIDDING? He’s teaching people how to tend bar? “Well, people don’t really use fresh limes anymore because they’re expensive, or they’re out of season…” etc. Hey, Clown, when’s the last time you walked into a grocery store and DIDN’T see limes for sale? God forbid! Let’s use the sweet and sour instead because the sourness varies depending on how ripe the limes are! Perfect reasoning there.

  • Chris says:

    Most bartending “schools” are cookie-cutter mills that turn out “bartenders” the way Basic Training turns out soldiers. Would you rather assault a hill with a know-nothing rookie or a salty NCO? I went into one is SF recently looking for job leads and watched an “instructor” tell six young newbies how Cointreau, Triple Sec, Curacao and Grand Marnier are “basically all the same thing–orange flavored booze, just some cost more than others!” Wow. Glad these kids were paying hundreds to learn a bunch of BS like that.

  • Churba says:

    I went to bar school, however, I went to a proper trade college for it – COTAH(College of Tourism and Hospitality) in Brisbane, Australia. They’re actually accredited – which is hard to do back home – and our teacher was hard, and sometimes a bit of a bastard, but he was fair, and it was for our benefit – like a drill instructor with a cocktail shaker.
    Not only did he drill into us good technique(to this day I still wince when someone scoops ice with a glass) but he also gave us a large amount of knowledge about cocktail creation, tastes, flavors and such.
    He never let us put a cocktail on the bar that we had not tasted ourselves – his theory went that if you’re not willing to taste it, and don’t have a medical reason not to do so, you shouldn’t be serving it to a customer. He also taught us there are two industries where you can never betray your client – Medicine and bartending.

    I recall I kept over-using bitters in my cocktails, and he asked me “Do you know your ingredient?” and I said, somewhat insolently(I felt like he was treating me as if I was stupid) “Of course, It’s bitters.” and he said “Descibe the taste to me, then. Take a shot of it.” So I did, and rapidly learned that I didn’t really know my ingredient as well as I thought i did, and that drinking neat bitters is really not something I want to do on a regular basis.

  • Tony says:

    I went to a bartending school, not ABS, and had a pretty good instructor. I do wish that the instruction went further into using fresh juice, simple syrups, bitters and creating drinks…like what I’m doing now.
    Thanks to Jeffery (and a few others)for the websites that are continuing my “education”.

  • Nick says:

    Anytime I feel a little down I come to this page. “The Green Goblin” and “wipings” comments perk me up every time.

  • DJ Dubonnet says:

    Maybe he just misread his own recipe.

    Pour one snot of rum…

  • ellie says:

    If I had seen that man making that drink I would have run out of the place. Who wipes their nose repeatedly while making drink? Honestly. I feel as though this has to be a joke. And someone else deemed this video acceptable enough to post it on the internet….

  • Christy says:


    Perfect bartender for an early John Waters movie.

    A year after your post & still holds quite a punch!

  • ..and this is precisely why I opted NOT to go to bartending school!

    Experience is a much better teacher than BoogerMan will ever be.

    Perhaps real lime juice would overpower the subtle notes of SNOT in the beverage….

  • Anj says:

    Hmmm. Cokehead much? 😉

  • Michael Lazar says:

    Late to the party but unless I am mistaken, no one seems to have shared these gems of bartending yet so for you watching pleasure:

  • Phill says:

    Well, at least he didn’t use a blender. (Not that it’d be drinkable either way, but still. It coulda been a s&s slushie.)

  • Sambo says:

    A perfect Scotch Manhattan garnished with an olive??? Braaaaaaaaaaaap!!!

    Tiano for President!!

  • Chris Doig says:

    I just wanna die after watching this…I feel really bad for any of his students who have had to learn this…he should be banned from bartending for at least 10 years. That might give him some time to think about what he has done.

  • Sierra says:

    You picked a winner with this one!

  • I wish it were a joke, but I’m fairly certain that this is all-too serious.

  • Marcus says:

    Oh boy! Jeff Cooley’s video link HAS to be a dead giveaway. It’s obviously all an inside joke! So funny to watch him as he messes up! Haha!

  • Bradley Dawson says:

    I am actually offended that this guy didn’t have the decency to mention me when I taught him exactly how to make a correct daiquiri.

    And, he forgot the whip cream.

  • Hex

    You’re at a good place to start, now visit my friends in the links section above and to the right. I learn from the books in my recommendations list and the websites in my blogroll every day.

    Good luck!

  • Hex says:

    I agree this is revolting, but how else would someone learn? I am interested in bar tending and have thought about these schools a couple of times. Glad I didn’t go now.

  • Mark says:

    I also want to reply to Trevor’s comment…

    People often ask me if I went to school to be a bartender. I tell them know, in fact I got my first job as a bartender with no front of the house restaurant experience.

    I was lucky, but the bar manager knew me as someone who was honest, had a good personality, and knew how to take care of customers. The drinks, she said, are the easy part.

    Not to imply that a bartender can get by without drink knowledge, but a person can’t be “taught” honesty or personality.

    A long response I know, but I always dissuade people from going to bartender school.

  • Mark says:

    Not only would this recipe taste bad….the color of the drink is revolting! WTF commercial brand of sour mix are they using!?

  • Jesse says:

    Omg omg, here is the orgasm one. We couldn’t find it on youtube because he spelled it with an I.

  • Jesse says:

    also kinda fun watching him say cum shot.

  • Sommelier says:

    Ughhhhhh!!!!!! And this guy is supposed to be so good that he is teaching? Remember, please, that we are professionals! We keep our hands and nails clean & neat (no biting your fingernails!), and away from our noses, faces, ears and hair.

  • heckler says:

    i like totally love you, man.

  • Chuck says:

    Not to mention Robert‘s too, of course. 🙂

  • Chuck says:

    That guy’s videos are just too revolting for words.

    Now, for good cocktail-making videos, they just posted a handy-dandy compendium of Chris McMillian’s 20 videos on “New Orleans’ Best Cocktails” over at the Times-Picayune.

  • Trevor Smith says:

    That’s the most realistic representation of what I think bartending school is like that I’ve ever seen.

    Let this be a lesson to all perspective bartenders that are thinking of bartending school or the unfortunate many that have gone and lead off your introduction to a bar manager with “I’m a licensed mixologist”

    This video perfectly exemplifies the kind of training you’ll receive. Not to mention, there is more to bartending then drink knowledge.

  • Josh M. says:

    At least he knows what Irish Cream is, Jeff…”It’s Irish, it’s creamy, it has an alcoholic, uh, content…”


  • blair frodelius says:

    These videos are turning into the “Be Kind, Rewind” remakes of mixology.

  • Scott says:

    Check out the recipe for a Brandy Alexander. Did you know you can use half and half or cream, whatever you happen to have on hand.. Also, it has “cream dee coco,” not creme de cacao in it, which comes in both light and dark, which can look like water. And you have to love the techno music in the background for such a classic drink.

  • Jeff Cooley says:

    Had way too much time on my hands this morning so I’ve been watching this guy’s videos. My favorite so far is the Orgasm. I really just wanted to hear him have to say the drink name for a laugh, then it just got so much better. Following the link doesn’t take you right to the video (I couldn’t get a direct link) but you just have to scroll down to the orgasm video.

    Trust me, it’s worth it. He actually drops the Kahlua, knocking over some glass-ware in the process, and becomes visibly frustrated to the point he has to stop the video (though he doesn’t edit out the accident, I guess he doesn’t have i-movie). After he regains his composure he fails horribly trying to make the already disgusting layered shot and explains that his completely un-layered creation will separate on its own after a minute or so. Now, I hate the whole idea of shooters and I especially hate uber sweet layered shooters (as a rule I generally refuse to make them for people) but if I absolutely had to, and owned a bar school (god forbid), and posted videos of myself making drinks on the internet, I think I would be sure to make a beautiful Orgasm.

  • The Rob Roy Video –

    “Bonacals”??? Is he trying to say barnacles instead of botanicals??? Yeah, I’ll take my Rob Roy attached to a freakin’ ship, thanks.

  • Doug Winship says:

    Perfect Jeffrey, just perfect!

    Nobody fisks a bartending video like you do. Of course nobody else fisks them at all, that I know of. Still, why should they bother, when you do it so damn well? Remind me not to get on your bad side!

    Incidentally, I think this video would make a damn fine hiring aid. Show it to a prospective bartender, and if he or she doesn’t laugh their contemptuous ass off, they don’t make the cut….

  • Chris says:

    Oh my f***ing god! Watch when he makes the worst old fashioned i’ve ever seen someone make.

    That’s is just awesome.

    I can’t believe that people like him actually are allowed to “teach” other people.

  • There are 80, count ’em – 80 – more videos by this cat on YouTube.

    How our friend Jack is qualified to train anyone in anything is beyond me, but listening to him slaughter the word “botanicals” when speaking about vermouth should be a big warning sign:

  • Giuseppe says:

    Quite possibly the most awesome video I have ever seen… I am gonna call this guy to do a presentation at Tales this year… He is inspiring!

  • Dr.Cocktail says:

    That one wins, hands down.

  • blair frodelius says:

    Instead of sweet & sour mix, I use a blend of flat Mountain Dew (left over from parties) and Sweet-Tarts. I do however, keep a box of tissues handy when filming my instructional videos.

  • The envelope please.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, this years snOtSCAR goes to the American Bartending School because of the special ingredient they put in their daiquiri’s.

  • Shelly says:

    Please, oh please, tell me this is a Saturday Night Live skit.

    The recipe, sans the boogers, sounds like something I might have tried when I was, oh I don’t know, 21 (many years ago).

    High quality bartending school, eh?

  • Marleigh says:


    You lost me at “wipings.”



  • Dr.Cocktail says:

    OK, a little perspective, here. This fellow is actually very cutting edge. It’s the new performance art/culinary genre of bartending. The performance: He is depicting the Human Condition, the disillusionment and ennui of urban life in a cocktail school. Feel the drama. Think Martha Graham. The culinary: Gum arabic is hard to get. He mixes his OWN gomme syrup from simple corn syrup – and emulsifies the syrup with his, ah, wipings. He then deftly transmuted this to sour mix by adding the FINEST powdered limes.

    Could any of us do better and with such pathos?

    I think not.

    Hope this helps! –Doc

  • Scott says:

    At least the Mint Julip recipe girl was easier on the eyes than this guy..

  • rumo says:

    ..he sniffed too much cokaine the night before…afraid something left there…
    …he is ridicolous…

  • arthur says:

    holy mother of satan help me….
    i didnt know limes were extinct,i guess the taste of snot will even out the flavour profile of the sour mix.
    this video is gold
    where do i sign up for the school?hemmingway is digging himself out of his grave to slap the be jesus outta this school.

  • Michaelg says:

    “Now, earlier in the video, you saw me wipe my nose briefly with my finger. Some of you might have thought that was sort of gross. Well, just to make sure that everyone is disgusted, I’m going to do it again, only longer.

    …But don’t worry, that lemon-lime stuff, combined with the alcohol in your drink, will kill any of my germs…

    …What am I saying? Just look at me! A bartender. For 20 years, and in some places I have long ago chosen to forget. I have germs even that even that cocktail mix won’t be able to kill…But still folks, take my word for it, this stuff will take care of the everyday common cold. And another great thing about compared to real limes — the shelf life is over twelve years!”

  • dim zappas says:

    is not a joke we also discover this videos two months before and i break into a laugh.
    oooo my Good and if you see the Lynchburg lemonade you gonna death from laugh.
    and there is barlady in some recipes……..

  • Scottes says:

    I could deal with the sour mix, but why, oh why, did they have to use Bacardi?


  • says:

    are you sure this isn’t a joke? It just seems like such a joke. I am so glad I didn’t go to bartending school. I bet my patrons are too since I never learned the rub nose and eye vigorously while making drink method.

  • Rick says:

    This is so hilarious that I feel there is a market for making videos of such badly produced drinks. It would be so horribly easy.

    Everyone’s comments are quite a joy as well.

  • OMG! Is he serious?

    Ehhhhhhh, I guess fresh lime would be OK.

    I am so glad I do all my mixing on my home bar and dont have to deal with the idiots this guys ‘teaches’….

  • Ginger says:

    Priceless! Can I get rum in blue?
    And what will I do with all of my limes and simple syrup now?

  • Darryl says:

    Hah, I remember seeing this on YouTube and practically bursting a vessel in the comments section. This guy is completely clueless (and a mite defensive and self-righteous about it, if his posts on the forums are any indication). Thanks for featuring it.

  • ND says:

    This drink should be christened “the Green Goblin” in this guy’s honour… I’m curious, though: what do bartenders do with the extra bits of cocktails left behind in the shaker? Drink them? Chuck them into some kind of “fishbowl”? (I suppose most folks would say that they measure carefully enough not to have issues like this, but I’m sure that wouldn’t always work?).

  • Slap says:

    Good Lord.

    And I thought it was bad when he slaughtered the pronunciation of the word “botanicals” when describing sweet vermouth in the their video on the Manhattan.

    Breathtakingly awful.

  • The first time I saw one of this guys videos it angered me. What an embaressement to Bartenders everywhere. Now I’m of the mindset that if I need a good laugh, I just watch one of his {What Not To Do Videos}.

    The sad part is the unsuspecting sucker that thinks is the correct way to be a Bartender.

    Bruce Tomlinson

  • Alan Akwai says:

    I’m laughing, alone, on the couch.

  • dshenaut says:

    I like the perfect measure that comes from using a jigger. It makes all the difference in balancing the complex artificial flavors.

  • Dan says:

    This still isn’t as bad as the “Woodford Reserve Mint Julep”

  • Dominik MJ says:

    Ridiculous that this guy teaches bartenders! Not only that he doesn’t have a bit of job related knowledge (which exceeds the point of artificial sweet and sour and cost reduction), he even obviously hasn’t got an idea of hygiene.

    I mean, where the hell is the problem to wash the hands after “touching” his nose?

    This is guy is a disgrace for every single bartender!

  • Jeremy says:

    Those who can, do
    Those who can’t do, teach.

    I wonder how much of that one ounce of rum made it into the chilled stemmed cocktail glass?

  • Mixology says:

    “7. Talk about difference between fresh lime juice and sour mix while drink melts in shaker.”

    Sorry, obviously didn´t see this, while laughing…

  • Mixology says:

    This video is already a classic! 🙂
    We keep watching it again and again since it came up somewhere! Thanks for finally listing up the ingredients, Jeffrey!

    Maybe you should add, that one has to let the drink water down in the shaker for a couple of minutes (after “shaking”) before you strain it into the glass.

    And the shaking: that must be a new variant of the “Tiger Hard Shake” from Japan.

  • Lance J. Mayhew says:

    OMG, I’m dying right now. I actually think that technically, he didn’t make a daiquiri, but a rum sour since it was commercial s&s and no sugar. Maybe the choice of a stemmed glass made the difference though. You should check and see if ABS has a rum sour class online. Of course, I’m not a bartending school grad so I’m not positive. And who knew rum came in different colors?

  • I believe this is precisely the way Hemmingway liked his daiquiris.

  • Jessica H. says:

    I get the feeling this talented bartender wanted to pick, but he was being professional so he just rubbed, with some incidental contact.

    Remember when Jerry was wrongfully accused of picking?

    George Costanza: Was there any nostril penetration?

    Jerry Seinfeld: There may have been some incidental contact.

  • Smach says:

    God, I’m thirsty.

  • Marleigh says:

    I like that skipping the sweet & sour and using fresh lime juice means that you’d have to “figure out” the proportion of sugar to juice.

    Since there aren’t any books out there with a recipe.

    Or, you know, the internet.

  • Marshall says:

    I just died a little bit inside . . .

  • Dane says:

    Wacthing this really encouraged me to enroll in American Bartending School; luckily, they have 5 locations, so I should be able to find one nearby. Per their website:

    1) “Bartending is easy” (thank God)
    2) “Student learn about the liquors they work with” (Hence, the “School” part of their name)
    3) And, “Over 50% of our graduates don’t drink” (No shit? After watching me make your drink like this, are you SURE you don’t want to try it???)

  • Ben says:

    There’s nothing so refreshing as a flourescent yellow daiquiri…

  • Eugenia says:

    Oh. My. God. I thought you were kidding about the nose. Top off with a spritz of snot. Might make it taste better, actually.

  • “Will the drink taste better with fresh juice? Ennnnnnhhh, yeah, but……”

  • Wow

    can they not at least edit the nose wiping?

    The shaking method was… well, I put it in a not so nice way amongst private company, I’ll just say.

  • jimmy says:

    I always forget to get the “secret ingredient” out of my nose and make sure it’s in the drink. I could learn a lot at the American Bartending School. That is the worst drink I have ever seen.

    I think you should reformulate the Richmond Gimlet, remove the mint and the real juice. And don’t forget the “secret ingredient!”

  • Scortch says:

    Absolutely revolting in so many ways. Just about as vulgar as it gets. I’ve seen some of these sorts of videos elsewhere and always marveled at the lack of skills in so many of them but this is too, too much. And that this guys actually “trains” “bartenders”…

    Y’know, there’s a recent post on concerning bartenders and the respect they deserve and often do not get. It’s guys like the one in the video and the “Hey, pal, I went ta skool for this!” lunkheads their programs expectorate that probably have more to do with the low regard given so many men behind the stick.

    Just sad.

  • Alex says:

    That is so awesome! I’m quite surprised to find that limes are no longer used. I’ll be sure to let my friends know so they can get them out of their bars and get some sweet and sour on the guns. Don’t want anybody looking like they’re behind the times.

  • lilu says:

    gross. you think they would at least edit that out.

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