How to Use an iSi Soda Siphon to Carbonate Housemade Sodas

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Okay, so the title might make this seem super elementary, but I’ve got to say that after traveling the world and watching bartenders – especially those in cocktail competitions – dispense a foamy soda that quickly turns flat, I thought I would post a quick video showing you how to solve that problem.

It’s a really simple hack but one that makes a ton of difference, so if you’ve ever experienced any frustration with your housemade soda from an iSi Soda Siphon, watch this video. I hope it helps!

12 Replies to “How to Use an iSi Soda Siphon to Carbonate Housemade Sodas”

  • Arto Sevan Oksayan says:


    I just purchased an ice gourmet whip in order to make homemade syrup, I put the water in the fridge and gourmet whip in freezer I charged with two canister but the fizz did not last long, so I am wondering after charging do we need to wait for the co2 to dissolve in water does it need time or is it just instantly works, What can I do to improve the carbonation ?

    • Arto – You need to shake it hard after charging it each time (two canisters is probably not necessary), and if that doesn’t work I would double check to make sure you’re using carbon dioxide, and not nitrogen.

  • Bill Shoemaker says:

    I also have an isi whipping siphon. I’ve done more or less what you’ve suggested (plain water, ice cold, two CO2 cartridges). I get great fizzy water whose carbonation dissipates almost immediately. What do I do?

    Thought: I’ve seen commercial sodas that list glycerin as an ingredient. Is this what helps them hold onto their bubbles?

    • Bill, if the carbonation disappears “almost immediately” then you’re either not shaking it well enough, or you’re accidentally using nitrogen canisters. There’s no other reasonable explanation, and I really don’t recommend adding glycerine to your carbonated water. But yes, it is added to increase viscosity and retain cabonation.

  • Phen says:

    My store-bought ginger ale is not super fizzy, but it keeps its fizz for quite a long time after I pour it out into a cup.

    When I make seltzer water with a siphon and two cartridges, at first it seems way fizzier than typical soda! But it goes flat in a few minutes. It’s just as cold as the gingerale, so I don’t think temperature is the difference. But what is it?

    I have made only seltzer water with this siphon. Nothing else, just water.

    • Yeah it’s because your ginger ale contains sugars and other additional compounds. Those additional components increase the viscosity and the surface tension of the ginger ale, making the carbon dioxide able to remain in solution for longer than simply pure water and carbon dioxide.

  • Anthony Simpson says:


    Can you not dispense from the syphon after depressurising the gas? Or will not go up the tube?

  • Spamalot says:

    Hey Jeff, I have an iSi whip rather than an iSi soda siphon, and I’m never able to get the carbonation of my liquids right (including just water). Does the technique of depressurizing the headspace and then removing the lid to pour the soda also work for an iSi whip, or is this a case of me having the wrong tool for the job? Thanks!

  • Hey Jeffrey,
    this works nicely if you’re building a 200ml lemonade. Since those bullets are more than 50 cents over here in the EU it’s an expensive lemonade – that needs a shitload of single-use metal – though.
    And using this hack but only dispensing 30-60ml in fizzes/daisies: the liquid will go flat quickly. How do you keep that carbonation in the liter of soda to use over the course of a day or three, please?
    Hoping to learn the final piece of the puzzle in this,

    Robert from Berlin

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