If You Don’t Have Enough to Do, You Can Always Read This

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Loathe as I am to suggest that you read anything other than the gospel that I hand down to you at three in the morning twice a week, I should admit that another one of my favorite blogs is Cocktails with Camper English. Here’s Camper in his own words:

Camper English is a cocktails and spirits writer for publications including the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Magazine, Imbibe Magazine, Out Magazine, Wine & Spirits Magazine, and Stuff Magazine. This blog is a celebration of drinks, drinking venues, drink making, drinking, and drunks, including home bartending experiments, visiting venues in San Francisco, and sharing universal booze news.

The writing is as informed as it is hysterical. You can see his full website here, and be sure to check out the Hate Blog:

People who say, “I love your Hate Blog, Camper!” Get a life, InterNerd.

Oh, so busted.

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