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I’m a big fan of my friend Eric Tecosky and his company, Dirty Sue. So when he asked me to judge the upcoming Dirty Sue Cocktail Competition, I accepted without hesitation. Also, he’d just said some nice things about me on the internet, so I felt obliged.

Anyway, here’s the deal. Grab yourself a bottle of Eric’s Dirty Sue Olive Juice and whip up an original creation that uses at least ¼ ounce of the stuff. Then send your creation to info at dirtysue.com

Then Eric’s going to strip all your names off of the submissions, send them to me, and I’m going to make each one in my kitchen and pass them around my apartment to my friends. We’ll critique and belittle your creations, all the while trying to stay coherent enough to grade them and select the best drink recipes.

The first place winner will win $250, a year’s supply of Dirty Sue, and some Dirty Sue merchandise, which I can personally attest is pretty sweet – seriously. Second place gets a hundred bucks and some merch. Third place? I’ll publish your recipe here on my website. Sweet deal, see more info below.

Dirty Sue Cocktail Contest

18 Replies to “I’m Bored, Give Me Something to Do”

  • moscow mule says:

    My good sir, could you recommend any Portland locations where we could purchase Dirty Sue Olive Juice?

  • joshua says:

    but kevin has a good choice as well!!!

  • joshua says:

    you guys and girls are missing out! the best drink is the good ole fashioned screwdriver with a hint of peppermint and just a little bit of blueberry juice!!!

  • Just know when you come across that one recipe thats 2oz. Dirty Sue, .5oz. Fernet, & .5oz campari, please enjoy.

  • Eric Tecosky says:

    Thanks Adam. Here’s another great spot on the web –


  • Adam says:

    I carry Dirty Sue in my store in the Boston area, but if folks are having issues tracking DS down I could ship it out to you.

    Webstore isn’t up yet (SOON!), so it isn’t a click-n-order – but if you contact me via the website we can work it out.

    Also carry other cocktail goodness (tools, ingredients and books – no booze) for those in need.



  • Eric Tecosky says:

    Hey Jimi,

    We are not distributed in the UK just yet. You may want to try Amazon and see if they will ship there.



  • Jimi Jambu says:

    does anyone know any UK suppliers?

  • Kelsey Crenshaw says:

    Why not muddle an olive? Forget the brine. I eat the olives, why not drink them? It’s something about the pimento, brine and olive I think, but who am I anyway?


  • d.clark says:

    um…”brine in ’09”? I think I like it!

  • Eric Tecosky says:

    For Jeff Frane,

    Thanks for the direct question and opportunity to start a nice pitch! The olive juice in 99% of olive jars is a low grade pack brine, meant only to keep the olives from drying out and rotting. Once FDR decided to add some to his martini, jars began to be drained. Dirty Sue is twice filtered premium olive brine (olive juice). I would liken it to using fresh squeezed orange juice vs. a carton of juice from concentrate. Besides the upgrade in quality, bartenders can enjoy the ease of use – put a pour spout on and away you go. Also, by not draining olive jars, bars and home users can keep their olive fresh instead of having a jar full of rotting olives with no brine. And how many times has a bartender heard, “I want my martini filthy,” only to realize you’ve come to the last drops of olive juice. Now you have to run back to the store room, fumble with that gallon jar and waste time to make the drink. Hope this info helps.

  • Jessica Hutchinson says:

    That stuff just caught my eye at Pearl Specialty yesterday!

  • Jeff Frane says:

    I wish not to be a dumbarse, but what the [] is Dirty Sue Olive Juice and why would I not just pour something out of a jar of olives instead?

  • the modern serf says:

    you know, a lot of folks have been saying that vinegar is the hot ingredient this year, but i bet that brine’s the thing for ’09.

    Dirty Negroni, all the way.

  • Eric Tecosky says:

    Hey guys,

    If you are in the Portland area, try Oregon Liquor Stores or World Market or contact our distributor – Lucky 7…
    [email protected]

    He can either direct you or deliver to you.

    If you’re lazy and don’t like to leave the house, try Amazon.com or many other web retailers.

    Hope that helps. Cheers, Eric

  • Pearl Specialty might have it, and if you live near a Cost Plus, they tend to carry it. However, I’m trying to get Mr. Tecosky to chime in here and answer all of your questions.

  • dshenaut says:

    Where do we get it? F6 D

  • My good sir, could you recommend any Portland locations where we could purchase Dirty Sue Olive Juice?

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