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Newcomer Dr. Bamboo not only has (well, just two so far) some of the best articles on classic mixology, but he does his own fantastic illustrations to accompany his articles. Take a look at his site here.

Natalie at The Liquid Muse leads a charmed life. Cocktail Goddess to the Rich and Famous, she writes about all things cocktailian, and updates her site more regularly than I step behind the bar. You can visit the lovely Liquid Muse here.

When I want to know what’s really happening at the upper eschelon of mixology, I check in at Drink Boy. While the Drink Boy Forums can often be a hotbed of mixology fanboy madness, his blog is so brilliant and well-written that it makes me wish I had paid more attention in school. Take a look at what you’ve been missing here.

And don’t forget to come back, I’ll have more stories, opinions and recipes for you very soon.

2 Replies to “More Blogs for Your Reading Pleasure”

  • Dr. Bamboo says:

    Same here- thanks for the mention! It’s much appreciated (even if I don’t know anyone rich or famous 😉

  • Natalie says:

    Hey – Thanks for the great mention. How lovely of you! Happy to visit your site and will add you to my links!
    (Cocktail Goddess to the Rich and Famous… hmmm… that sounds wonderful…I’ll certainly get a lot of mileage out of that one! 😉

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