More Things You Should Never Say to Your Bartender

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I’ve gotten tons and tons of feedback from bartenders all over the globe about my Eight Things You Should Never Say to Your Bartender post a while back. It seems that everyone’s got their own list of things they don’t want to hear while working, so here are a few:

“Do you know who I am?” – Tara Tainton

“Sitting at the bar and asking, ‘What’s that, what’s that?’ about each drink you make is the thing I hate the most!” – Sara, Austin, Texas

“When are you done? – I hate this question, why do you care? Are you trying to make me feel bad for working?” – Ernesto, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Can I get a free birthday drink?” Kyle, Brooklyn, New York

“I hate it when people assume that they’re getting whatever it is that they’re drinking for free once the clock turns over to their birthday. Who decided that you get a bunch of free shit on your 37th birthday? – Alex, Seattle, Washington

“SMILE!” – Ben, Breckenridge, Colorado

“People who tell me, ‘You should smile more!’ when I’m really busy are going to hell. And I don’t care how saintly of a life they’ve lived!” – Jen, Kissimmee, Florida

“I hate it when men ask me ,”Do you have a boyfriend?” when I’m working. Would you ask a girl working at the supermarket that question?” – Jen, Redondo Beach, California

“Can I ask you a personal question?, and then follow it up with something way too personal, about my body, my sexual preference, or my relationship status or something.” – Kari, St. Louis, Illinois

“Can I read your palm? I had this guy ask me this last night, what a fucking tool!” – Jessie, San Francisco, California

3 Replies to “More Things You Should Never Say to Your Bartender”

  • Andrea says:

    This is a little too….uh, not quite sure, but, can i trade it in for a midori sour?
    Your response: My favorite!
    Now get the fuck out!

  • Rachel says:

    “I’m friends with the owner” is a personal favorite.

  • Anonymous says:

    How about the ever popular “Could you fill this wine glass all the way up?”
    Possible answers:
    1-Sure dumb-ass,if you want to
    pay for a double.
    2-I’m sure your boxed wine at home
    dosen’t need room to breathe,
    but expensive european wines do.
    3-Would you like me to put this 5
    oz pour in a smaller glass for
    you so it looks filled up.
    4-Sure I’ll fill it up, would you
    like 7up or soda added? Rocks?

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