My Collaboration with Stumptown Coffee is Live!

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Oh man am I excited about this one! For the past few months I’ve been working with my friends over at Stumptown Coffee on their seasonal beverage program. Craft cocktails, meet craft coffee! I mean, obviously I’ve always been a huge fan of coffee cocktails, but this is the first time I’ve gotten the opportunity to design non-alcoholic coffee drinks with the very best in the business.

I approached it the way we do at the bars, kinda turning the conventionality about coffee drinks on its head and doing something different and not off-the-shelf. Which of course meant we’d get to use a bunch of fresh ingredients and make our syrups in-house (this is my jam).

The first two are a lot of fun. The Citrus Cold Brew Shrub pairs apple cider vinegar and lemon with tasty Stumptown cold brew for something tart and earthy. And the Honey Peppercorn Latte has a little grapefruit peel to take the whole thing to a different place than other coffee drinks you’re used to.

The first drink, the Citrus Cold Brew Shrub, is something to take the edge off. It’s got a lot of apple cider vinegar and lemon set up against that dense and rich Stumptown Cold Brew. It’s really about balancing those flavors and playing with contrast. It’s meant to be unexpected.

The second drink is called the Honey Peppercorn Latte. It’s just playful and light and fun. It’s meant to shake things up a little bit, as all of these drinks are going to do. Fresh black pepper cracked on top of a latte is really unexpected and then it works and you’re kind of left thinking about it.

Both of these are available at every Stumptown location in the country now. Stay tuned for the next drinks in the series: we’ll be doing this all year long.

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