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Happy New Year! I hope the holidays treated everyone well, especially you professional bartenders out there. I think the only folks who have it harder than we do during December are our friends in the retail business, so now that we’ve moved on to January, let’s all raise a glass.

Hey, there are a lot of spaces for people to get together and talk about cocktails online. I, for one, was raised on the classics: the Hotwired Cocktail site, the DrinkBoy Forums, and eGullet. These days, there is a great little community over at Reddit, and recently they asked me to participate in an AMA, an “Ask Me Anything” chat session where I got to answer some great questions from a bunch of really cool and passionate folks.

I recently stepped away from Facebook, which used to be a source of cocktail connectivity for me but has slowly devolved into a morass of political posts, so Reddit is a welcome refuge of old-school cocktail discussion. I hope you’ll join me over there and contribute to this terrific group of cocktail enthusiasts!

Read the entire AMA here.

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  • aaron says:

    Hello There Mr Morgenthaler

    I recently Stumbled upon your Website around four months ago, when i was transitioning from Front of house Staff to Bar staff. Looking for un-biased, opinionated and Honest suggestions on the bar-tendering world. After doing well in the Waiting side of the industry, i decided on a change. A new challenge to commit myself too. and boy did i make a good choice, a very difficult and time consuming choice. However one i would never change for the whole world, The world of Spirits, Liqueurs, Wines, bitters and every other concoction of botanical’s, ingredients and General ‘Stuff’ was completely new to me and a lot to take in.

    this website, then very soon after that. Your book really helped. A lot.

    I quickly came to realise you need to know what your are working with, how to treat your products and knowing your history is a must!

    All in all, reading your blog has inspired me when i was getting a little lost in it all. Good to have someone who takes all the bullshit away from the Hospitality industry!


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