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Quick! Can you name the five main whisk(e)y-producing countries in the world? Scotland? Check. Ireland? Mmm-hmm. Canada? Yep. United States? Definitely.

But then you’d go, “Five?”, and I’d be all, “Yeah, five!”

And then you’d be all, “Like, where else?”

And then I’d be all, “Japan, dude!”

And you’d be all, “No way!”

And I’d be all, “Fully!”


And then for proof I would show you Chris Bunting’s blog Nonjatta, which means “I drank it all”. Like, literally. Nonjatta is all about Japanese whiskey, which is really helpful when you live in BFE and can’t get any where you live, because then you can learn all about it and sound smart anyway.

Check out Nonjatta here.

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