Repeal Day Hits the Internet

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Well, the response to Repeal Day hasn’t been this good since the first Repeal Day. I’ve talked to bartenders, bloggers, mixologists, and ordinary drink-minded people all over the country who are getting excited about celebrating December Fifth with me.

  • Paul over at Drink This Blog is behind us all the way, and is spreading the word to bartenders in person and with his brand-new classic cocktail blog.
  • The folks behind Modern Drunkard Magazine love Repeal Day. They’re talking about it in their forums, they’ve linked to us, and they’re even working on a story for the next issue! If you’ve never visited Modern Drunkard, do yourself a favor and read up, it’s a brilliant tongue-in-cheek look at modern drinking culture.
  • The guys over at DC Drinks are my kind of guys. Not only do they write one of the best-written drink blogs on the ‘net, replete with brilliant cynicism and witty commentary, but they’re so behind Repeal Day that they’re making me look bad. They’re going to be celebrating the Fifth at Billy Martin’s Tavern in Washington, D.C., which opened its doors on December 5, 1933. Repeal Day O.G.!
  • The Art of Drink is the mothership of drink blogs.  Darcy O’Neil has put together a site that collects the best of what’s out there and I’m so glad he’s decided to join me in celebrating Repeal Day.  Hi, Darcy!
  • I wish I had a lot of time on my hands – like Michael from Days that End in ‘Y’ – because if I did, I’d certainly try to put together a site that was as comprehensive as his.  He’s got one of the most frequently-updated sites out there, and he knows it.  He even suggested to me that if he doesn’t do something for Repeal Day, we should all let him have it.

There you have it, folks.  We’ve got almost 20 more days left until the big day, so get out there and exercise your First Amendment right to uh, talk about the, uh, Twenty-First Amendment.  Something like that.

5 Replies to “Repeal Day Hits the Internet”

  • DWAYNE says:

    Side Door Brewery celebrated by opening its doors on Dec 5, 2015!!!
    Love that day.

  • Meg says:

    I celebrate repeal day last year and had a blast. This year I wanted to get some repeal day t-shirts and couldn’t find any on the web. So I made this cafepress site with a design.

    Feel free to share.

  • Missy, I assure you that this year we will all be toasting you and the great news that Glasgow is no longer living under Prohibition!

    Congratulations, and Happy Repeal Day, Glasgow!

  • A Special Repeal Day here in Glasgow, Kentucky indeed, friends. For this past November 6, just a week ago, mind you, we had a vote to legalize alcohol sales in Glasgow Kentucky’s restaurants. Yes, a dry county in the Bourbon Distillers Country. Sad, sad, yet, we have overcome Prohibition in Glasgow, Kentucky and we ask you on December 5 to lift your glasses with all of us here in Glasgow for a wonderful thing called Repeal Day. May we all celebrate many, many more in friendship and peace.

  • I’m looking forward to Repeal Day myself, and since the Dewars team is having such fun promoting it, I might have to get a bottle of Dewars for my celebration.

    Next year, I hope to get my act together in time for a party.

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