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Every once in a while I’ll get a letter from someone in the business, and I just can’t help but share it with you all. Today I received this in the mail from the good people at Dewar’s Scotch:

Hello Jeff,

I can see you are ready to toast Repeal Day!

As you know, December 5th will mark the anniversary of Repeal Day; it was on this date in 1933 that the 21st Amendment was ratified and Prohibition was terminated. And, Dewar’s Scotch – the first legal whisky to arrive in the U.S. – hit New York’s South Street Seaport docks the moment the law was put into action. Joseph Kennedy, Sr. (JFK’s father) happened to be the US agent for the brand.


Now, a lot of people have suggested that Joseph Kennedy was a bootlegger, which he may or may not have been. But what he really was, was the owner of a company named Somerset Importers. Somerset owned the exclusive rights to import Dewar’s Schotch and Gordon’s Gin, and right before Repeal, Somerset stocked up. Big time. Once Prohibition was over, they sold the premium liquors for a hefty profit, and Joe was a rich man.

Why not celebrate this significant day in American history with some vintage cocktails – The Dewar’s Old Fashioned; Dewar’s Highball; Ward Eight; and the Rob Roy. Try out the recipes, and enjoy at your favorite speakeasy.


Now, I can’t vouch for the quality of the recipes she sent along, because I’m not intimately acquainted with the flavor of Dewar’s Scotch. This may have something to do with the fact that Dewar’s Scotch has never flown me to Scotland to tour their facility and then write several articles about the experience. They have also never sent me a box containing their entire product line to sample and review. So, until I’m more familiar with their products through one of these methods, I’ll just have to explore other liquors.

Next up, Dewar’s has taken things one step further for all of us and our very important cause. They’re taking out a full-color insert in the December 5th edition of The New York Times announcing their commitment to Repeal Day. Here’s a preview:


Wow! I’d love to stop and say thanks right now, but Dewar’s had to take it to the next level for us. Watch this video they put together.

Thanks for all of your support, Dewar’s! Now, can we get any other liquor companies on board?

4 Replies to “Repeal Day Information from Dewar’s Scotch”

  • Jenni Weir says:

    Excellent knowledge, appreciate it!

  • JudoChop says:

    Jeff, I just read through your 2 year old Repeal Day blog. Good stuff! I see you are in Eugene and I just wanted to shed some light on some things for you regarding Repeal Day, most of what you probably already know.
    1st. The Dewar’s product line for you to sample…This simply will never happen, I wish it could. Not even in the perfect world. One, you live in Oregon and that makes it impossible and against the law for Dewar’s to just give you product since you are a bartender and run a site that is all about drinking. The next time I am in Eugene I will gladly stop in and let you sample the Dewar’s line if you would like to taste it. I can even invite you to a blending seminar that I will be hosting here in Portland next week with the global ambassador from Dewar’s proper from Scotland. Perhaps you will even leave with a bottle of D12 or D signature. Good stuff!
    Dewar’s White Label holds repeal day in the highest of regards because we were the first here and the only whiskey for quite sometime after the ban was lifted. All American companies stopped making whiskey when prohibition went into effect. I will be holding a celebration this Dec.5th at the Bagdad in Portland and I would like to invite you to be my guest . Drinks and food and entertainment provided. Awesome site. I will forward it out to some of the folks I work with around the globe.
    Cheers and I hope to hear from you soon.

    J. McKelley
    Dewar’s Scotch Whisky
    Portland-Oregon, USA

  • Florian says:

    I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog 🙂
    Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day 🙂

  • McAuliflower says:

    *cough cough* and of course there would have to be meal pairings…

    and luggage carrying?

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