Repeal Day is Here at Last!

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Whew, it’s been a long month! Are you guys ready for Repeal Day? I’m certainly ready to celebrate after all of the recent hard work. We’ll be out toasting the town and educating the masses tonight, so I’ll be sure to take the camera along and post pictures upon my hazy return home.

Thanks again to all of you out there who got on the bandwagon and helped me spread the word about this. Celebrate in style tonight, but please be careful and make sure you have a designated driver. I want to make sure you’re all around for the 75th anniversary of Repeal Day in two years, okay?

3 Replies to “Repeal Day is Here at Last!”

  • Thank You Jeff

    Hope you had a great time in Manhattan.

    I did my part here in Indianapolis. I looked at my Cocktail book collection and picked my 1930 “World Drinks and How To Mix Them” by Cocktail Bill Boothby. Grabbed a few friends and off we went to spread the word……
    Everywhere we went we picked drinks out of the book with some great results. I also found a new favorite watering hole.
    Win Win Win

    Next year. The big 75th

    Now on to the next holliday’s.
    To all a Merry Christmas and a Liquid new year.

    Bruce Tomlinson

  • Jessie Jane says:

    Howdy and happy Repeal Day! Thanks for keeping this going—word’s getting out. I’m off to ceebrate with a nice saison (it’ll just be beer for me tonight).

    In case you’re interested in reading my family’s own Prohibition experience, check out my Bar Stories blog.

    (Eh, hope that worked…)


  • dcist adam says:

    Came across your site after my post on repeal day at dcist. Followed through a link at DC Drinks. I added a link to your site in the comments. Have fun tonight!

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