Repeal Day Photos

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Well, the troops came out for Repeal Day here in Eugene. We started the night off at Luckey’s Cigar Bar, which opened its doors in 1911! Young barmeister Jon Wilson set us up with some good old-fashioned whiskey in a glass and a beer to wash it all down. Yum!

Here’s the lineup of hooligans at the bar. Scott got the night off work so that we could both be out at the same time – a rare occurrence to be sure!


Then it was off to the venerable Max’s Tavern, which opened in 1933. Repeal Year! The crowd was lively, and Chase and Kim kept the atmosphere energetic with trivia, including a question about Repeal Day!

We met up with Carla and Jeff at Max’s, and our group’s numbers began to swell. Then, as things were starting to get a little foggy, we made a last stop at Rennie’s Landing for a round (or two…) of shots outside on the fireplace-lit patio.


Thanks to everyone who came out, the bartenders who put up with us, and all of you, the readers!

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