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14 Bars That Changed Cocktails Forever in America

by Jeremy Repanich in Robb Report

Thousands of miles from the cocktail hotbeds of New York and San Francisco, Jeffrey Morgenthaler still managed to connect with his peers through a blog informed by his work behind the stick. “He has a website that’s not for cocktail nerds, it’s a bartender’s site,” [Giuseppe] Gonzalez says. “With Jeff, he was the first bartender | Read More

Movers and Shakers Podcast

by April Wachtel in Movers and Shakers

Episode 32: Jeffrey Morgenthaler from Clyde Common and Pepe Le Moko on why craft cocktails are due for change, why everyone should strive to contribute, and why bartenders should stay behind the bar As always, Jeffrey tells it like it is, and we cover a range of topics including: Why the craft cocktail movement is | Read More

Jeffrey Morgenthaler – Ace Bartender

by Richard Frost in Supper Magazine

When a new cocktail bar first hits upon a winning formula – securing a loyal following, garnering industry acclaim and winning awards – it won’t be long before the offers start flooding in. The head barman may be invited to do guest slots elsewhere, judge competitions, write books, speak in public, work as a brand | Read More

Everything Worth Drinking in Portland, Oregon, According to Jeffrey Morgenthaler

by Celine Bossart in VinePair

A godfather of the modern cocktail scene, Jeffrey Morgenthaler is an award-winning bartender, author, and the person largely responsible for the resurgence of Amaretto Sours. You might not expect someone at that level to be behind the bar regularly, but this guy is — all the time. Look for him at Pepe Le Moko or Clyde Common, his two esteemed | Read More

The Jeffrey Morgenthaler Triomphe Atomizer

by Jack Hott in Poached Jobs

Cocktail Kingdom and Jeffrey Morgenthaler have reimagined barware – and one tool that caught our eye was the Triomphe Atomizer. We’re a fan of the subtle wisp of pastis in Sazeracs – or if we’re going all extra, a dash of vermouth in a martini. The trouble with both drinks can be the uneven application of | Read More

Portland, Oregon, Is a Small City With an Enormously Cool Cocktail Scene

by Jordan Hughes in VinePair

This “boozy bunker” is located around the corner from industry icon Jeff Morgenthaler’s award-winning sister bar, Clyde Common. Enter via a narrow staircase that leads you directly into this intimate, subterranean speakeasy. The drinks menu features classics along with various “craft” versions of cocktails that have largely been shunned by modern bartenders (like the Long Island Iced | Read More

P(our) Symposium 2019: Jeffrey Morgenthaler wants you to stay behind the bar

by Laura Foster in Imbibe UK

What should an award-winning bartender, respected drinks journalist and author and all-round good person do once they’ve been named Best Bartender in America, and had their second book published? For Jeffrey Morgenthaler, the choice was clear: carry on working behind the bar. The manager of Clyde Common and Pepe Le Moko in Portland, Oregon has | Read More

You’re an Adult. Get Yourself a Nice Apron

by Cory Baldwin in Eater

The best aprons recommended by professionals like Samin Nosrat, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, and more. “I always look for washability and a color that won’t fade too quickly. I like my aprons to be utilitarian and not a fashion accessory. So for me, leather aprons and aprons with leather straps are out. My main problem with these | Read More

Mastering the Amaretto Sour with Jeffrey Morgenthaler

by Chloe Frechette in PUNCH

Since the early days of the cocktail revival, the Amaretto Sour has been regarded as little more than the butt of a joke. In fact, the widespread ridicule of the drink quickly became a banner cause for the movement, which was defined by fresh ingredients and a rejection of any cocktail created after 1950. For Jeffrey | Read More

In Search of the Ultimate Espresso Martini

by Robert Simonson in Punch Magazine

We asked 10 of America’s best bartenders to submit their finest recipe for the Espresso Martini—and then blind-tasted them all to find the best of the best. Third place in our recent Espresso Martini tasting went to Jeffrey Morgenthaler of Clyde Common in Portland, Oregon. The only victor to ask for cold brew—albeit in the form of | Read More

How Jeffrey Morgenthaler Eats

by Claire Lower in Lifehacker

Jeffrey Morgenthaler has made a lot of drinks. Though I’m sure he hates the phrase “celebrity bartender,” there’s no denying that his methods and cocktails are famous, nor can you deny that they’re really, really good. In addition to being very good at alcohol, Jeff is also very good at food, and was nice enough | Read More

The Best Way to Keep Your Punch Cold

by Claire Lower in Lifehacker

A bunch of punch screams “party,” but a glass bowl—while very pretty—is not the best choice, thermodynamically speaking, especially if you’re serving out of doors. Couple that with ice, which is famously known for melting, and your punch can get warm and watery real fast.3-Ingredient Happy Hour: Last Minute Punch To combat this terrible fate, | Read More

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Watch Portland Barman Jeffrey Morgenthaler Almost Set Seth Meyers on Fire

by Marty Patail and Kelly Clarke in Portland Monthly

On Tuesday, May 22, Pepe Le Moko and Clyde Common barman, cocktail genius, and (according to several unnamed Portland Monthly staff members) strapping gentleman Jeffrey Morgenthaler appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers to promote his second book of booze wisdom, Drinking Distilled: A User’s Manual. During the segment, Morgenthaler attempts to show an unwitting Meyers how to make a classic Portland drink: Huber’s Spanish | Read More

In Search of the Ultimate Mint Julep

by Robert Simonson in Punch Magazine

We asked 15 of America’s best bartenders to submit their finest recipe for the Mint Julep—then blind-tasted them all to find the best of the best. “The only day you can sell them, you can sell hundreds of them,” said bartender St. John Frizell, owner of Fort Defiance in Brooklyn. “And the next day, you sell zero.” | Read More

The Best Drink Books of Spring and Summer 2018

by Punch Staff in Punch Magazine

Drinking Distilled: A User’s ManualBy Jeffrey Morgenthaler  Having thoroughly outlined the proper way to make cocktails in his first book, The Bar Book, Jeffrey Morgenthaler turns his attention to how to properly drink cocktails with his latest. Cutting through the abundance of misguided drinking rules (shaking bruises gin; tip a certain number of dollars per drink), the longtime | Read More