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French 75 Cocktail – “I Never Got It”

The French 75 always seemed weird to me, mainly because of the glass you typically see it served in. A had an epiphany one day while browsing some old cocktail books and the rest, you might say, is history. Watch this to see what the French 75 really is, and why it’s so much better | Read More

Clyde Common’s Tequila-Sherry Egg Nog

I love Egg Nog. Like, I really love it. And it shows: our Egg Nog at Clyde Common is pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself. My preparation technique is a little unorthodox, but it does make the creamiest, smoothest Nog you’ve ever had. Give the technique, and our delicious tequila and sherry combination, | Read More

Amaretto Sour

And I quote myself: “I make the best Amaretto Sour in the world”. Check out this fun video I made with Small Screen Network to see why it’s so damn good.

Dark and Stormy – Chinese Five Spice Rum

Buying spiced rum is cool, but you do know that you can make your own with the spice profile you prefer and none of the sugar, right? This simple technique for making spiced rum and incorporating it into a Dark and Stormy is one of my favorite little tricks.

Mint Julep – NOT a Mojito with Bourbon

I spent so many years on this site giving this poor woman a hard time that I thought I should just step up and make my own video about the Mint Julep. Because it’s not a Mojito made with bourbon: it’s an Old Fashioned made with mint. And I believe that when you look at | Read More

How to Not F@%& Up a Daiquiri

I gave this guy a hard time as well, but I don’t feel bad about it: he picks his nose during his own cocktail video, for fuck’s sake. And yeah, he goes on about how difficult it is to make a delicious Daiquiri the right way when in fact it’s one of the easiest things | Read More

Hudson’s Barrel Aged White Manhattan

Since I’d been working with used Hudson whiskey barrels to age our cocktails at the bar, Tuthilltown Spirits graciously invited me out to collaborate on some barrel-aged cocktails with them in Upstate New York. Beautiful area and great great people, it was a really fun project to work on.

Tequila Interchange Project

Back in January of 2011 I was invited to be a part of the Tequila Interchange Project. We spent a week experiencing distilleries, libraries, regulatory offices, and even the private homes of tequila producers in an effort to connect bartenders with the culture and heritage of traditionally produced tequila. So this is just a short | Read More