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Look at this crew. I did some half-assed math the other day and realized that this group (counting our dear Amelia, not pictured) has collectively worked this bar for nearly 40 years. That’s not combined years tending bar in general, mind you (that number is closer to 70) that’s the totaled number of years we’ve all worked behind this one bar.

Nearly four months ago my boss came to me and informed me there was probably no way the restaurant I had called home for the past eleven years was going to make it. We’d had discussions like this over the past year or so, but this one felt deadly serious.

Regardless of how that would have affected me personally – I didn’t really want to find a new place of employment on the other side of this, while navigating a new employer and trying to create an entirely new bar – I am responsible for a team of bartenders that have given themselves wholly to the dream that is, or was, Clyde Common.

So I volunteered to work for free for a little while, to try to retool the space into something else, with the goal of giving my team a place to come home to when this is all over. Me doing that alone lasted about five seconds, and soon the Clyde bar staff was also volunteering their time. And over the past three months this team remodeled Clyde Common into Clyde Tavern, sort of our dream bar, all under the guidance of our newest bartender, Greg (left).

This week we’re proud to announce that we’re back – albeit for outdoor drinking only at this time. Sure, it’s not the same and we’d much rather be joking around with you from across the bar, but that’s not safe for anyone and being reckless isn’t what we do.

But if you’ve missed Clyde, and laughs, and friends, and drinks, and delicious food as much as we have, we will be here every Wednesday-Saturday (for now) from 4PM until 8PM. We would love to see you!

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