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Sometime last year my good friends over at Cocktail Kingdom approached me about doing some bar tools together, and I enthusiastically say yes. So over the course of the last year we’ve been working together on designing, branding, and producing some bar tools that I think are a little different.

I didn’t think there was any sort of market for a Morgenthaler jigger or bar spoon, so we tried to come up with a few things that weren’t super common and that might be kind of fun for you guys.

Morgenthaler Bartender's Blotter Notebook by Cocktail Kingdom

First up, the Bartender’s Blotter. You guys know that I’m a huge proponent of the alphabetized notebook for keeping cocktail recipes in, and that I always keep one in my back pocket when I’m working. Well this is essentially the same idea, but I went ahead and threw in some conversions and formulas that I thought would be helpful for bartenders and bar managers.

My favorite is the cost-per-ounce calculator, which will convert pretty much any size container of alcohol, from a 12-ounce beer bottle, all the way up through the most common sizes of spirits bottles, and to the most common beer keg sizes for beer, cider, draft wine, and draft cocktails.

Next, you know that I’ve always loved the atomizer for spritzing bitters and spirits on top of cocktails. I use one every day for absinthe to coat the glass for Sazeracs. Well, our Triomphe Atomizer is simply that, but with a really cool color-coding system wherein you can select one of four colors to indicate the contents of your atomizer without the need for ugly labels or masking tape.

But my very favorite of the line so far is the Champagne Sabre. I have always been crazy for sabering Champagne bottles but have always felt that the standard wine saber has this goofy play-acting sword look to it, and I wanted to do something more modern, sleek, and tool-like.

After months of testing, they came up with the most wonderful Champagne Sabre that works every time. I received my prototype around New Year’s Eve and we spent the entire evening at work launching corks into the back bar. (Heavily tested in a real world environment, this one)

Anyway, I hope you’ll check out our tools, and big thanks to everyone at Cocktail Kingdom who helped this come together. We have more coming soon, so stay tuned!

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