The “Fluicer” Hand Juicer

Yesterday I bought a new hand juicer that someone shared with me, and I bought it because it was something I’d never seen before! (To be fair I do believe it was just released this year – someone let me know if this is incorrect) It’s a hard plastic, flat hand juicer. That’s right, it | Read More

Cocktail ABV Calculator

Something occurred to me recently: Why are we still banishing low-alcohol and no-alcohol drinks to their own dumb section of the menu, like they’re sitting at the kids’ table at dinner? Think about it for a second, doesn’t it seem a little barbaric in this day and age – when we’re all consuming more low-proof | Read More

My New Favorite Citrus Peeler

I love being pleasantly surprised by bar-related knowledge, and this is the most recent surprise I learned while doing a staff training last week here in Portland. Head bartender Jared Miller shocked me by telling me that he cuts his citrus peels with one of the cheese slicers they use at the wine bar he | Read More

My Line of Cocktail Kingdom Bar Tools is Here!

Sometime last year my good friends over at Cocktail Kingdom approached me about doing some bar tools together, and I enthusiastically say yes. So over the course of the last year we’ve been working together on designing, branding, and producing some bar tools that I think are a little different. I didn’t think there was | Read More