Grey Goose Responds to Our Plaintive Cries

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Last month, I wrote about a recent nightmare involving Grey Goose vodka’s razor-sharp serrated metal foil… and my hand. Many of you shared your horror stories in the comments section.

Last week, Sven-Olaf Hansen, Global Brand Director for Grey Goose, replied to the comments with a promise that changes were on the way at Grey Goose:

Dear Jeffrey

Many thanks to you and your colleagues for bringing to our attention your experiences removing the foil cap and cork on bottles of Grey Goose vodka.

Please be assured that we value all feedback such as yours and I am very pleased to advise you that with immediate effect we have taken two steps to improve the quality of the foil cap on 750ml and 1 litre bottles. Firstly, we have increased the width of the tear-band itself to make removal easier and secondly we have lowered the position of the tear-band to reduce the risk of cut fingers on the foil when removing the cork. We are also currently looking into the feasibility of rounding off the lead edge of the tear-band to reduce the risk of the foil cutting under the fingernail.

I hope that these actions help to reassure you that we are continually looking at ways in which we can improve the design of our bottle and foil cap and will continue to do so.
Many thanks for all your support and I hope that with these new improvements you will continue to recommend Grey Goose to your customers now and in the future.

Many thanks

Sven-Olaf Hansen
Global Brand Director
Grey Goose vodka

And here I thought nobody was listening! Thanks for writing, Sven-Olaf. On behalf of bartenders everywhere, I appreciate your taking the the time to reconsider your product, and I look forward to experiencing your new – and hopefully safer – bottle enclosures soon.

Thanks to everyone who commented.

10 Replies to “Grey Goose Responds to Our Plaintive Cries”

  • Jen w. says:

    Yes my cork just popped off on its own too! ALSO, the metal seal cut my finger so bad it became infected and I needed antibiotics. Get rid of the metal seal. Thanks, Your legit 1 fan…j.w.

  • Wilma Johnson says:

    So, tonight twice the cork and cap have popped out of our bottle! Literally airborne! Never had this happen before.

  • Kyleen says:

    Has anyone had it happen that the cap came off by itself? I’ve previously used some of the bottle but I had it sitting out and I noticed that the cap was beside the bottle and I live by myself and I always lock the door so I’m like ????

  • Beau says:


    I’m a bar-back at a pretty busy bar in NYC and I always slash off the foil w/ the knife on my wine-key whilst stocking behind the bar. It was recommended as a way to save the bartenders some hassle when they needed to swap out a bottle of Grey Goose, but it’s good to know it’ll save their hands too!

  • Slap says:

    Nice of them to respond. I’ve never seen the foil on Goose bottle end up like the one in your picture from the original entry. It really looks like an attempt was made to pull the whole foil off, otherwise it would never be that high on the neck of the bottle. The worst I’ve gotten from Grey Goose is the usual friggin’ pulltab stabbing underneath the nail, the latest episode this past weekend.

  • california_zin says:

    i for one am more likely to order grey goose martinis now… it’s great to hear that they take an interest in customer comments/suggestions.

  • Darryl says:

    That’s kind of awesome. Go, Goose.

  • Ian says:

    Wow! I’d’ve never expected them to acknowledge a blog, much less actually change something based on one. Kudos to Sven-Olaf! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on my new Goose bottles to see the changes.

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