Mixology Monday: Prohibition

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This being my first ever time hosting Mixology Monday, I’m a little nervous. So bear with me. Also, my schedule has taken a turn for the busier… I’m leaving tomorrow morning to celebrate Repeal Day with the folks from Dewar’s scotch in New York City!

As Repeal Day is coming up on the 5th, I thought we should all get in the spirit by mixing our favorite Prohibition-era cocktails. On to the entries!

Getting an early jump on the competition was Anita at Married… with Dinner. On Friday, she posted a delightful concoction from the Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book called the Ampersand.

Shawn over at Rejiggered gives us an original cocktail, the Snowbird Rum Runner, which Shawn informs us was inspired by the rumrunners of the Prohibition era.

My good friend Erik Ellestad put together a thread at the eGullet forums, with several people contributing cocktails. Thanks, Erik!

Scomorokh over at The Science of Drink showed up with The Angel’s Tit. I don’t normally go for that sort of strong language, but the drink looks interesting – to say the least. I’m going to have to try this one out at work tonight.

Chip and Andy at Chip and Andy’s Universe burst through the door with the Maiden’s Kiss, another sexually-charged cocktail that they’re using to kill two birds with one stone, Mixology Monday and Raiders of the Lost Cocktail. Nice work!

Dinah at MetaGrrrl showed up with a little something called the Ruby Cocktail that she found in a book from 1908 called The World’s Drinks And How To Mix Them by William “Cocktail” Boothby.

Marshall at The Scofflaw’s Den came through with the Star Cocktail, which he found in Mr. Wondrich’s new book Imbibe!

And speaking of Scofflaws, SeanMike at the Scofflaw’s Den went with the Scoff Law Cocktail and the Jack Rose, with a Vesper as a chaser. Ambitious!

Bunnyhugs brings us a lengthy and well-informed post about the Pisco Punch, one of my favorite cocktails. I hadn’t had the pleasure of visiting Bunnyhugs before, but this sort of writing reminds me why I love our ever-growing community.

Our friend Chuck Taggart at the Gumbo Pages went above-and-beyond the call of duty, cracking open his copy of The Saloon in the Home, or A Garden of Rumblossoms, by Ridgely Hunt and George S. Chappell from 1930. The drink is called the Hunting Horn, and the post is full of Chuck’s usual style of valuable information. A must-read.

If you like complex cocktails, you’re going to love Craig’s post at The Brotherhood of If, a drink called Everybody’s Irish American.

Robert over at Explore the Pour is a lot like me. He loves eggs in cocktails and wrote about ten pages explaining his fascination. He brought his ovoid love to the table with the Morning Glory cocktail. Another drink I’m going to be trying out tonight.

Despite my very Teutonic last name and a year of German classes in college, I still don’t speak a lick of German. But that won’t stop me from trying Christian at Cocktailwelt’s Bijou cocktail. Now to find a metric jigger…

My fellow Oregonian Blair at Trader Tiki wrote a nice piece about the history of Prohibition in Portland, and submits one of my all-time favorites (and yours, I hope) the Monkey Gland.

Thanks to everyone who participated. If I somehow left you out, just leave a comment in the comments section and let us know – I’ve got to go pack my bags!

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