I’m Interviewed by My Other Hometown Newspaper

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Jeffrey Morgenthaler, head bartender at El Vaquero restaurant, is the author of a well-read blog on mixology.

The Register-Guard here in Eugene ran a piece about local area bloggers today, featuring a humungous photo of yours truly. Lewis Taylor did a nice job editing out all of my ums and uhs from the conversation we had on the phone last week, therefore saving me further embarassment (thanks, everyone, for the heckling phone calls, text messages and emails today).

They also talked to my friend Ken over at Mr. Random’s Blog of Randomness, I’m honored to have shared the limelight with the host of the best radio show in town – and a terrific author.

You can read the article here, but it looks like you might need to register in order to see the article. Ugh, sorry.

Wow, quoted by both my hometown paper and my hometown paper in the same month. I’d like to thank both my readers, so thanks!

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  • Lisa Bigley says:

    Jeffrey –

    I just checked the link and all is well…maybe perhaps operator error??? Just kidding! Thanks for all the great comments about Sean and the site…

    And to all of you who read this great blog…Jeffrey Morgenthaler is our Aspiring Bar Chef for June 2007. Hope you all check it out next month! Maybe it will get a blog just like the hometown newspaper!

    Lisa Bigley

  • Jeffrey says:

    There’s Sean! Hey, thanks for the link and the little blurb, you rock! (Uh, just checked the link, and it’s broken. But you still rock.)

    I’ve been craving one of the Petrossian Negronis lately. The Cinzano sweet vermouth, which I can’t find in town, really makes that drink. As does the burnt orange on top. Yum.

  • Sean Bigley says:

    Here I am!

    You ARE the man! Congrats on a great article. I’m sure that your blog will be getting bigger and bigger! I’ve also finally updated http://www.ultimatebarchef.com for the month of May. We have finally added a link to you! Hopefully together we can conquer the world and spread the word of what TRUE bartending is all about. It’s so nice to converse with people who are so passionate about tending bar. Gee, I suddenly have an incredible urge for a Negroni!


  • dclark says:

    Hey Jeff, congrats once again! In regards to your comment about having to register with the RG to read the article online, I think that only applies the day of the article so as to encourage people to by the damn paper. I just read the online version today with no hassles…later,


  • Jeffrey says:

    Jimmy, you were on that list, and you obviously know it, so thanks! I know Sean Bigley must be around here somewhere…

  • Jimmy says:

    You’re quite welcome.

  • Mata says:

    Hey nice article and nice photo! Been years since I’ve seen a photo of you! You’re still a God!

  • Scooter says:

    Mmmmm…You blog real purty.

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