John Kerry to Servers: ‘I’ll have the tuna.’

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Marche restaurant was rocked by celebrity once again, as Democratic hopeful (let’s face the facts, we’re all pretty hopeful at this point) John Kerry and his enormous entourage of Secret Service agents, aides de camp, press corps peeps, and well-wishers descended upon Marche tonight. And I have the photos right here!

I know that the first thing on everyone’s mind is: “So what does the next president of the United States have for dinner on a Thursday night? ” Okay, just this once but then it’s on to the photos.

First Course: Wood Oven Roasted Totten Inlet Mussels with Tomato and Saffron Vinaigrette, Served with Grilled Bread. 10 bucks.

Second Course: Seared Sonoma Foie Gras with Caramelized Peaches and Blackberries, with Brioche Toast. 14.50

Main Course: Pan-Seared Albacore Tuna with Smoked Tomato Sauce, Olive Tapenade, Zucchini Cakes and Roasted Cherry Tomatoes. 22 bones.

Kerry and the local gentry.

So here’s John-John (can we call him that yet?) with some locals who sneaked in past the muscle posted at the door (I’m talking about our hosting talent, not the guys with the earpieces)

Kerry's Kids

The crowd outside the restaurant was amazing. Word spread pretty quickly, but our boys in the tight suits kept everyone back. Some of these people camped out for over two hours! It was like Guns and Roses was getting back together, and tickets were going on sale at a French restaurant!

Kerry and the girls!

So here are the good ones. These are of John Kerry with Marche waitrons Kate Merrick (left) and Lyn Burg (right) – it’s a veritable John Kerry Sandwich!

Lovin' it!

There are some digital photos out there, so I’ll post more as people send them in.


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