Goodbye, John Davis

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There’s been a lot of loss around me lately. My dog moved away, my ex’s mom was diagnosed with cancer, my college department head died of Alzheimer’s, and now this. Of all the people…

John Davis was the guy that you always had something good to say about when he was alive. Now that he’s passed, the compliments are flowing like so much Meyers’s rum from the bottle behind his bar.

John was a sort of mentor and confidant to me. He would come in to the Vet’s Club when I worked there, drink a Meyers’s and smoke a cigar. He’d regale me and Tim Skelton with stories from the olden days of bartending in Reno. When I worked at Bamboo, David Faigin and I would sit, wide-eyed, at his bar across the street and let him entertain us when he should have been sitting down and resting his feet like the rest of us.

Sadly, John died behind the bar at Chanterelle during his shift last Thursday. His funeral at Musgrove Family Mortuary today was a testament to the lives he touched in his 45 years. We’ll all miss you and think of you every day, John.

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