Mixology Monday: Orange (Video)

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In case you’ve missed all the hoopla, it’s time for another Mixology Monday! This month, we’re being hosted by Gwen over at Intoxicated Zodiac. Gwen has chosen orange as the theme for the month.

I had originally planned on doing a post about one of my cocktails that uses orange bitters. However, I figured that many of my fellow internet drink dorks cocktail enthusiasts would be doing the same thing, so I decided to change it up a bit.


I hear a lot of positive feedback at work whenever I garnish a drink (I’m looking at you, Negroni) with one of my big orange ribbon twists. So, here’s a big first for me: an instructional video.

If you’re reading this in an RSS reader, you’ll have to come over to the site to see the video for yourself.

Enjoy, dorks friends!

12 Replies to “Mixology Monday: Orange (Video)”

  • Jeffrey says:

    I will definitely slow the next one down and turn the lights up. Now if only I can think of something to take a video of, I’d be in great shape!

  • Ardenstone says:

    Thanks for the video, I’ll totally have to give that a try! Video format works great for something like this, and thanks for sharing it.

    If we’re lucky enough that you’re thinking of doing more you might want to keep your moves relatively slow. Good for instruction, but mainly lets the camera-person track your movements a little easier.

    Thanks and cheers!

  • Hey Jeffrey-
    Love the vid! It’s almost like we’ve actually met, in person, now!

    And, of course, your twist is a marvel to behold. 😉

    xo The Liquid Muse

  • Scooter says:

    Wow. That bar looks really clean.

  • Smach says:

    Yes, DANCERS! And perhaps a bad Russian accent.

  • Rick says:


    I loved the instructional video. I think there are a lot of cocktail methods that are simple that people make into mystical and crazy processes. You know, like Pearl Diver’s Mix … oh, wait. That is mystical and crazy.

    In short, make more instructional videos!

  • Alex says:

    You should make a DVD, but this time with dancers to your left and right.

    Any kind of dancers will do, really.

  • Jeffrey says:

    Oh, it’s hefty enough. And if you can find some larger lemons (right now isn’t really the time for huge, juicy lemons, however) it makes a wonderful garnish for a Horse’s Neck!

  • Gabriel says:

    Nicely done, jeffrey! I think that has some very good uses in both wide-bowled cocktail glasses and chimney-style glasses alike.

    I can see bracing it against the side of a collins glass with ice, having it stick out the top a bit, and then topping it with a cherry tucked into the top. Is it hefty enough or any thoughts on that?

  • Anita says:

    Nice! We make our ‘big’ twists with a Y-peeler (as opposed to little ones made with a channel knife). I think yours looks a lot more festive. 😀

  • Jeffrey says:


    I use a channel knife all the time, but it only puts out an eighth-inch strip of citrus. Sometimes I like to use a larger garnish, especially with larger glassware.

    I’ll see what I can do about lightening up the video.

  • Mark Fleser says:

    I didn’t have to got to the website to view the video…

    Why not just use a channel knife, that just seems like a lot of work for something that doesn’t really do much other than garnish and a teeny tiny bit of flavor. Using the channel knife you also get the spray of oils into the dring from rupturing all those little oil cells.

    And please, turn on some lights, it was really, really hard to see.

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